Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 days left to play in the Players Championship (FPC). Join now!

Over $1.2 Million Dollars are waiting for the top fantasy owners playing in the Players Championship this year, with a guaranteed grand prize of $250,000.00 - in fact, the entire prize structure is fully guaranteed! 
  • Just $350 for an entry, or buy a three-pack of teams for $1,000
  • All cash prizes placed in a secured attorney escrow account
  • All cash prizes may be split among co-owners, if so desired
  • All cash prizes awarded by January 30, 2014

But hurry because time is running out. 
Leagues are open until 5 September so just two more days!

 More facts:

2013 Footballguys Players Championship (FPC)
  • Over $1.2 million in guaranteed prizes!
  • Grand prize of $250,000!
  • League prizes are $2,000. $1500 cash or 2014 Entry into FFPC Main Event valued at $1650 | 2nd - $500 cash
  • The Championship round pays cash down to 100th place.
  • 2nd place is $35,000, a 100 times return on a $350 entry fee.
  • 2014 Footballguys Championship teams are awarded from 101st to 200th place, a $350 value each.
  • Lifetime subscriptions from 201st to 280th place.
  • Three year subscriptions from 281st place to 400th place.
  • Daily drafts through September 5th
  • All prizes held in attorney escrow account.
  • The entry fee is $350 per team and three teams for $1000
I have played in the FPC every year since it's inception and drafted recently (18 Aug) in another FPC league  this year. See you there.

Do you want 2013 FF rankings? Check out my Fantasy Football Player Rankings 2013 at 

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