Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thoughts on the new Sunday Night Football Introduction

First let me be perfectly clear I am a big Carrie Underwood fan.
Her accomplishments are well known and would require several blog posts to even begin to adequately cover them all. Just to name a few though: Winner of 4th season (2005) of American Idol, six Grammy Awards, multi platinum country music albums and in general the queen of country music. 

But... I do want to express my displeasure with the new "Intro" to Sunday Night Football. I saw it last week and wanted to jot something down about it but in the post Week 1 NFL football let down I forgot. So here it is before Carrie kicks off the SF vs SEA Sunday Night Football game tonight. 

When Faith Hill did the song I felt like I was right there with her as she performed. Now with Carrie (I love her version of the song) I feel like I am in the 39th row of one of her concerts watching her sing in a concert performance and from a distance. It is a little impersonal when compared to Faiths "close to you" edition. 

I really felt like it was just Faith and I when she sang. Now I feel like I am a concert goer when Carrie sings. 

Just calling them how I see them. 
Enjoy the game!

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