Tuesday, May 5, 2015

FPC Return on Investment Numbers

The Footballguys Players Championship (FPC) is open!

-$300,000 Grand Prize
-Cash prizes paid to 150th
-250 Free 2016 FPC Team (worth $350) for places 151st to 400th
-Footballguys.com lifetime subscriptions for places 401st thru 500th place
-Footballguys.com three-year subscriptions for 501st thru 650th place
-$2,000 in League Prizes ($1,500 first and $500 second)

A disclaimer. I won in one of the FPC leagues last year-Won the whole thing in fact. $1500 in cash. I could have gone with a Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event team for 2015 (worth $1,750) but I decided to take the money and wait to join the FFPC later. I also placed in the Championship round and won a Lifetime Subscription to Footballguys.com
What a great contest!!!!!!

Anyway…the FPC is taking signups. Entry is just $350 or 3 teams for $1,000. Entries are limited to just 7,500.

So lets do the numbers. 
They are offering $2,000,000 in prizes.
625 Leagues (12 x 625=7,500 entries) x $2,000 in league prizes= $1.25 Million

Championship Round Cash Payouts=$651,500 including
1st Prize $300,000
2nd $40,000
3rd $12,500
Down to 150th

2016 FPC Teams ($350 value) for spots 151st thru 400th=$87,500
Footballguys.com lifetime subscriptions for 401st thru 500th (100 x $300 value?=$30,000
Footballguys.com 3-yr subscriptions for 501st thru 650th (150 x $90 value)=$13,500

Regular season Overall Leaderboard Points Payouts=$10,750

Consolation Round Cash Payouts (1st-15th)=$16,250

Toliet Bowl Cash Payouts (1st-5th)=$4,250

So we have $1.25M in league payouts, $651,500 in Championship Round Cash, $87,500 in 2016 FPC teams, $30,000 in Footballguys.com Life subscriptions, $13,500 in FG 3 yr subscriptions, and $20,500 in consolation and toilet bowl cash prizes.
Grand total prizes…$2,064,000

Entries 7,500 and I will use $1,000 per every 3 which is what they are offering. I know not all will do that great offer but it accounts for any other promotions they do.

Thus I estimate $2,500,000 in entry fees.

ROI is about 82%. I like those numbers!!

Once again they are offering $2 Million in Prize Money including a best-ever $300,000 Grand Prize

Drafts begin July 4th and run through September 10th.
Rules, scoring and format are like the FFPC. 

Sign-up today. I have played every year since the FPC started. And I hope to play again this year. See ya there!

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