Sunday, May 31, 2015

Observations from Expert Drafts This Month

May is always the month of Expert Fantasy Football drafts for the FF magazines. Again this year I was honored to be asked to participate in several of the biggest fantasy football magazine drafts. Here are some observations from those drafts…

1) As always you can wait on QB and still get some great QB value late in the draft. I am talking 10th round or later for some quality signal callers. But I am leaning toward grabbing one of the top two (Luck or Rodgers) early if available in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Why? Dependability and those two studs mean you do not have to carry another QB on your team-freeing up a spot for a sleeper RB or WR. Sure you give up an early pick for that but the 20+ Fps each week from one of those guys is a great stabilizer for a FF team.

2) Lots of rookie WRs with upside this year-just about as good as the class of 2014. So take a flyer on one or two as sleepers and hope for the best.

3) TE is pretty much Gronk and then much later Jimmy Graham and then everyone else a distant third. Gronk, even with Brady missing, could be a Garoppolo dump off magnet. Gronk is head and shoulders above the rest of the TE field. He is going in the first round and even with the 1st pick in some FFPC and FPC leagues!

4) Tom Brady is at too much of a discount. Remember he may have his 4 game suspension reduced to 2 game or less. Even if he does serve the entire 4 games-your backup QB will give you something so you are not getting zeros.

5) The RB position will be a minefield this year with a ton or rookies, more RBBCs, players moving teams and lots of questions. AP anyone? My advice-stockpile RBs big time this year. Go with quantity and hope you hit on one or more late. 

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