Wednesday, June 15, 2016

36 "Joes" in the 2016 Pros versus Joes Challenge Announced!

2016 "Joes" Roster  

Gerald Schwartz - 'simonsez2'
Ted Plonka and Dan Holleman - 'Holleplonk Smash'
Cory Jones and Justin Halpern - '2 Walkon 2 Treadmill'
Blake Pyle - 'Team Encore'
James Harper - 'Harper2'
Chris Hamman - 'Fast Eddie'
Chad Schroeder - 'Cocktails and Dreams'
Paul Maile and Arnie Grebinoski - 'Sven and Ole 2'
Danny Mueller and Jeremy Roach - 'Groud and Pound'
Peter St.Pierre and Steve Ashey - 'Post 22 Vets'
Matthew Zozula and Roger White - 'TangoandCash'
Jay Berg - 'ProtoBlock'
Craig Strang - 'Rated R For Gore'
Darren Summer - 'Royale with Cheese I'
Richard Ross - 'he boston dangler'
Chris Sessions and Mike Hinkley - '5th Base'
Rashad Cobb - 'Cobb Nation 3'
Anthony Savino and Joe Amato - 'Shock N Awe'
Raymond Scannell - 'Skinny'
Brooke Sloane and Scott Sloane - 'Big TDs'
David Hubbard - 'meahan'
Matt Marcou - 'King in the North'
Thomas Glaze - 'Luck in the Air II'
Gregg Zwickel and David Zwickel - 'Team Zwickel'
John Laskowski and Christian Newkirk - 'Titsburgh Feelers'
Kay Coulson and Joe Loris - 'Black Points Matter'
Roger Gifford - 'Fantasy Mainiacs R4'
Albert Chapman - 'Geckos'
Mark McCauslin - 'THE WIZARD'
Kimra Schleicher - 'Grand Theft'
Stan Smith - 'Golfnut'
Rob Vieyra - 'Cookie Monster'
Rick Ramaker and Andy Rule - 'Serenity Now A'
Matt Jordan - 'Roll Bama Tide'
John Flake - 'AW1'

Two Names instantly stand out...Chad Schroeder and Kimra Schleicher. This is gonna be one touch competition!

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