Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Excited to be playing in the 2016 SFB480 Invitational again this Year!

The Scott Fish Bowl contest has 480 teams 360 Experts and 120 fans as well. Last year it was the SFB360! So he has added 120 teams-10 more leagues this year for 2016 (Increased from 30 to 40). 

There are 8 conferences and five leagues in each conference.

I am in the Funny Men Conference and the Chris Pratt League
-Most leagues have 8 analysts and 4 fans
-These are 22 round slow drafts 

-They start on 11 July at Noon ET. I will post my team as soon as we wrap up the draft!

The rules are pretty standard PPR scoring with a starting roster of 1 QB/2 RB/3WR/1 TE and 4 flex (one of whom can be a QB). So 11 starters and 11 bench players.
No kickers or defences start. 
No trading and $100 waiver budget.

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