Sunday, September 18, 2016

Las Vegas was a blast and the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) did things right!

Just got back from Vegas a few days ago and man was it a great time!

The Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) put on a great high stakes contest. From the customer service to the food served and the free drinks coupons-they were first class!

I flew in Wednesday from London. Before that I spent a week in Spain hiking and going to the beach....another great time! Then flew to England on Tuesday night at 11pm to turn around less than 12 hours later and fly Virgin Atlantic direct to Vegas leaving Wednesday at 10am. Wow what a change from hiking and the beaches of Spain on Tuesday to arrive at 1:30pm in Vegas. 10 hour flight and you gain 8 hours in time zone travel. 

Stayed at the Westgate Hotel and Casino (formerly the Hilton) where the FFPC hosted their four day event. 

Bit jet lagged Wednesday evening and so just took care of some errands. 

Thursday went to the Las Vegas European Massage school for a 80 minute massage. I have visited them on previous trips to Vegas. You get a student massage therapist (MT) but the price is right at $45 and I have always found their MT's to be great. This time no exception as "Eli" provided a very strong deep tissue massage. I am a certified massage therapist myself in Swedish, Sports and Deep tissue massage (studying Aromatherapy Massage at the moment) so this was a research visit....LOL

Next it was on to the FFPC Kickoff party. About 500 fantasy football players watching Denver beat CAR in an exciting fashion on a big screen TV in the Westgate ball room. Drinks and a great buffet of burgers, hot dogs, cole slaw and potato salad and chips made for a fun evening. The TNF game comes on at 5:30 in Vegas time. Game finished at 9pm then I watched the Bare Knuckles draft  afterwards. 

Friday brought lots of catching up on fantasy football news since I had been "incommunicado no comment to make" to quote the great Jimmy Buffett. Also popped down to LV European Massage school for another 80 minute massage in the afternoon after all my FF studying and prep. 

Did I mention going to the gym from 7-8am at the Westgate and then hitting the pool for an hour every day?

Hooters for dinner and then studying some more.

Saturday was the FFPC Main Event at 3pm. Before that I had a look at the main hall where the FFPC would be conducting the drafts and researched some of the Friday drafts to see how far early some players were going. Remember drafters after the TNF game know the results of those players and CJ Anderson who was going in the 3rd and 4th rounds of FFPC drafts now went in the 1st and 2nd ads of Friday drafts because players knew he looked great and had 29 points in the bank from Thursday kickoff game. 

Draft was great. League is "WKRP in Cincinnati". Fellow owners were all  cool dudes and even had a father/son combo and two co-managers that I knew from World Championship of Fantasy Football (WCOFF) Main Event competition back in 2006/2007.

Took a break for dinner buffet and very pleased with the caesar salad, beef, desserts etc. 

FFPC really provided a great venue, great prices on the rooms there (specials of $45 most nights and just $75 on Fri/Sat and Thurs free) so I got 5 nights Wed-Monday departure for $240!!!!!! SUPER!

Chris and her daughter and Alex and Dave all were always around either working or supervising.

I missed attending this great event and am especially grateful to Alex and Dave for awarding a FFPC Main Event entry to the Pro's vs Joes League Winners since that got me back out to Vegas this year.

I plan on playing the Main Event live in 2017 and beyond since it is such a great experience. See you all in Vegas in 2017.


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