Friday, May 5, 2017

2017 NFL Schedule-Fantasy Implications and Best Games

Hello and welcome to a lively discussion on the 2017 NFL Schedule and my thoughts on its implications on fantasy production and W/L records as well. But first my top 13 (bakers dozen) games this season.....Circle your time measuring devices people. Here they come...

Week 1    PHI @ WAS     Cousins proves WAS wrong for no LT deal
Week 1    LA Chargers @ DEN (MNF) Anytime Rivers plays DEN it is explosive, even more so since Mike McCoy is now the Broncos OC
Week 2    GB @ ATL      Questions. NFC Championship?
Week 4   CAR @ NE       What the 2016 Super Bowl should have been?
Week 4   OAK @ DEN    About the only matchup in the AFC left
Week 4   IND @ SEA      All the good games apparently are in week 4
Week 5   GB @ DAL      Great matchup!
Week 7   ATL @ NE      Super Bowl matchup. Why is this not the TNF kickoff game?
Week 8   DEN @ KC      Anytime the broncos go to Arrowhead....
Week 10 SEA @ AZ  (TNF) Finally a good TNF game?
Week 11 ATL @ SEA    Questions none?
Week 14 BAL @ PIT      Will Big Ben have announced his retirement? Will they be playing for a Division title?
Week 16 SEA @ DAL    Something will be on the line here...

More schedule implications tomorrow...

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