Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Just signed up for some Fantasy Football leagues!

First on my list is the FootballGuys (FBG) Players Championship (FPC).
$350 entry fee, rules just like Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) and you can buy 3 teams for $1,000 saving $50.
But best of all you are playing for a $250,000 Grand Prize!

They have tons of drafts starting the first week of June and they run through September 7th. That's right, all the way up until the kickoff game Thursday night. I joined a league on Labor Day weekend. Love playing then right before the start of the season.

Also just joined a $35 FFPC Draft Masters league. Don't worry it is a slow online draft with each team allowed 10 hours of clock time. Just wanted to start getting some rankings on paper for it since I have some expert magazine drafts in 2 weeks.

And I plan on jumping in a FFPC Classic $500 league. Love these!
$500 entry and you play for great prizes!

1st Place: $1,000 cash and a 2018 FFPC Main Event Entry (worth $1,750) or you can take $2,450 in cash

2nd Place: 2018 FFPC Main Event Entry (worth $1,750) or you can take $1,450 in cash

3rd Place: $500 cash

And there's more a regular season payout to top seed  who gets $500.

If my calculations are correct that is $5,500 worth of prizes ($4,900 if you only take the cash). So with $6,000 in entry fees (12 x $500) that comes to a ROI of 91.6% (81.6% cash only).

A pretty good payout in my book.

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