Friday, July 14, 2017

Toughest Pros vs Joes Division?

I am honored to be drafting in the 2017 Pros vs Joes Contest Sponsored by the Fantasy Football Players Championship.

My league is “The Fat Stacks” and is the first league drafting. 
Our draft is Sunday 23 July at 8pm EST. Two weeks from today!

The other competitors and draft spots are listed below:

Sunday July 23 @ 8 PM EST
1PROJeff Ratcliffe – ProFootballFocus
2JOEChris Holland
3PRONelson Sousa –
4JOEChris Lutz
5PROSam Hendricks –
6JOEShelby Stewart
7PROJake Ciely – FNTSY Sports Network
8JOEWayne Achterberg
9PROCorey Parson – SiriusXMFantasyRadio
10JOERichard Green
11PROMike Visconti –
12JOELeon Hughes

Here is a link to the webpage where the other leagues and draft times are listed.

Someone asked me which division I thought was the toughest.
To me that was an easy call. The last league...”Better Call Saul” which drafts on Tuesday 1 August at 10pm EST. 

See the owners listed below.....

Talk about tough....Kimra Schleicher (2016 FFWC Champ), Matt Schaub  (, Darren Armani (aka, Scott Fish (from the world famous Pro-Am Scott Fish Bowl), Roger Gonzalez who I have played against several times before and Michael Nazarek ( to name a few in this “Group of Death”

Tuesday August 1 @ 10 PM EST
1JOEBradley Kirkland
2PROJay Myers –
3JOEKimra Schleicher
4PROMatt Schauf –
5JOESteven Rizas
6PRODarren Armani –
7JOEBob MacGilvray
8PROScott Fish –
9JOERoger Gonzalez
10PROMichael Nazarek –
11JOENolan Ortiz
12PRORaymond Summerlin –

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