Friday, July 31, 2015 Pros vs Joes Team from League #4 The "Love Boat"

I had the 12th spot in the July 26 8 PM 2015 FFPC Pros vs Joes Challenge and the draft was very competitive.

Five Pros and myself participated:

Alex Miglio and Austin Lee from

Jonathan Bales from

Scott Fish from (a special shout out to Scott since I played in his SFB#360 this year! Really great Pro-Am League)

Corey Parson from SiriusXMFantasyRadio
Bob Butterfield from
The Joes (and make no mistake these are great High Stakes FFPC players who plunked down $1,750 for a 2015 FFPC Main Event entry so they are no slouches) were Derek Brinkman, Paul Friel, Kevin Slegel (loved his eye logo!), Michael Sheffer, Mathew Stewart and Jared Grugett.

Here are the Pros and Joes In League #4

Sunday July 26 @ 8 PM EST
1JoeDerek Brinkman
2ProAlex Miglio / Austin Lee -
3JoePaul Friel
4ProJonathan Bales -
5JoeKevin Slegel
6ProScott Fish -
7JoeMichael Sheffer
8ProCorey Parson - SiriusXMFantasyRadio
9JoeMatthew Stewart
10ProBob Butterfield -
11JoeJared Grugett
12ProSlam Hendricks -

 Arian Foster, HOU
Julio Jones, ATL
 Greg Olsen, CAR
Alfred Morris, WAS
 Martavis Bryant, PIT
 Jonathan Stewart, CAR
Isaiah Crowell, CLE
 Drew Brees, NO
Torrey Smith, SF
Carson Palmer, ARI
Reggie Bush, SF
Jordan Reed, WAS
Denard Robinson, JAC
Cody Latimer, DEN
Nick Foles, STL
Marqise Lee, JAC
Brian Quick, STL
Arizona Cardinals, Ari
Connor Barth, DEN
Matt Prater, DET
Nick Novak, SD
Robert Woods, BUF
Brian Hartline, CLE
Kamar Aiken, BAL
27.12 Chris Conley KC
Albert Wilson, KC

Strategy:  I hate the 12th spot. You cannot take advantage of anyone else drafting after you since you pick back to back. The one advantage is you can double down and take two players in a row so you can get two RBs in a RBBC situation or two QBs or TEs to strengthen your team.

-1/2 Glad to see Julio Jones make it me. I love his upside this year. I expected either him or Calvin Johnson. I wanted to go RB-WR so I could take advantage of value later at any position. If you go WR-WR to start you have to go RB in the 3/4 turn and it ties your hands to value plays later IMO.

-3/4 Greg Olsen here was a bit of a surpise in a FFPC league since TE get 1.5 PPR and thus usually go 1 to 2 rounds earlier. Olsen has a FFPC ADP of 3.10 so just a nice surprise. I was hoping Aaron Rodgers (FFPC ADP 3.07) would fall but instead got Olsen. I like to have a strong RB component and TEs too. My philopspohy is get two good WRs then skip them to get a stable of RBs and good TEs. Then later stockplile WRs (especially in a DM format) and get QBs late. So I wanted a RB with one of the picks at the 3/4 turn. I had Lamar Miller higher then Alfred Morris and CJ Spiller just below Morris. As I debated Miller I panicked and went with the conservative Morris vice the upside guys in Miller or Spiller. I now have BUYERS REMORSE! Morris has averaged 1300 yds and 9 TDs the last 3 years but that is probably his ceiling. Miller and Spiller COULD be Top 10. Oh well.

-5/6 I bypassed three WRs I ranked higher (DeSean Jackson, Vincent Jackson and Sammy Watkins) to pick Martavis Bryant. I love Big Ben for another big year and wanted to combine Bryant and Marcus Wheaton for a big combo. It did not happen. With the 6th pick I continue my RB collection with Jonathan Stewart. IF he stays healthy he should excel in Carolina with little competition except for TDs from virtually everyone. I make a note by Alfred Blue, Matt Jones and C. A. Payne to get them as handcuffs. Then I note that their ADPs are 12th, 16TH and 17th. ARG!

-7/8 Hoping for Brees to fall to me in the 8th. Love his chances for a Top 5 performance. I know NO will run more and he lost some weapons but still expect big number from him. Really regret not having the Spiller hookup now! At 7.12 too best RB available in I. Crowell. CLE will run and in a best ball format I do not have to decide when he goes off or not.

-9/10 I was hoping either Freeman. Tre Mason or Bishop Sankay would fall to me here. No such luck! I was also talking on the radio to Eric Balkman and Dave Gerczack on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour podcast. You may have heard me rant when Romo, Eli , Stafford and then Rivers went as owners head of me went on a QB blocking crazy to prevent me getting a great QB2. I needed a TE2 and should have gone to my draft board and taken Dwayne Allen or Heath Miller instead I reached for the higher upside guy in Austin Seferian Jenkins. I love him I just hope he has a breakout year as I expect. Torrey Smith, now with SF, became my WR3. After the fact, I should have skipped ASJ and taken Darren McFadden or doubled up on TB RBs and gone Doug Martin and Chris Simms.

-11/12 Need a QB2 and the pickins are getting slim. I love Palmer (if he stays upright). He was a QB10 in his five starts last year! Reggie Bush was a RB reach when I should have secured my WR4 with Stevie Johnson or R Randle or Devante Parker (injury concerns worry me with him).

-13/14 Jordan Reed finalizes my TE position. High risk/high reward-again I do not have to pick which weeks he goes off (if any) the computer will do that for me. Denard Robinson might be the starter for JAX this year. He closes out my RB position at RB6. I debate a RB7 with a Handcuff later but they are taken before I can grab them.

-15 thru 28 The remaining rounds are a QB3 Nick Foles (my sleeper candidate, 3 kickers and 2 defences and....8 WR long shots that I hope will pan out on occasion:

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