Friday, July 24, 2015

Pros vs Joes FFPC Challenge The "Dump" Truck League Analysis

Ok not so much analysis as which is my favorite team. I will provide some in depth analysis of all the previous drafts AFTER my draft (The "Love Boat" League) on Sunday 26 July at 8pm ET.

I like another Joe team-Jerzee Blue
He went with Forte (1.04) ahead of some of my other RB choices but then secured Andrew Luck early (2.08). Later he will combine Luck with Joe Flacco for a strong QB position. 
He has three good TEs in Dwayne Allen, Heath Miller and Jace Amaro (a late round sleeper) who should put up TE 5 numbers in a Draft Masters format.
RB is solid with Forte, Ingram, J. Bell and Shane Vereen (nice in a DM format where you do not have to decide if this is his week to explode). Same can be said for 12th round pickup Fred Jackson.
WR may be a weak point with Emmanuel Sanders and Golden Tate unlikely to repeat last years successes. But depth with Colston, Steve Smith, Crabtree and Dwayne Bowe hopefully finds 1 or two starters each week from that crowd when needed. Overall I thought it was a very competitive league with a hard decision to pick the best team!

Honorable mention goes to FantasyMojo's team. I like his start with J. Charles, J. Graham, Brandin Cooks, CJ Spiller (love him in the 4th), Maclin, Allen Robinson (love him in the 6th but not the 5th-too high) and then Peyton Manning in the 7th. A Gates later and Tom Brady really create a great team. I would have picked this as the best team if he had one more quality TE. He may have picked up someone late after the 18th I cannot tell from the YOUTUBE video feed. 

Anyway that is my two cents. 
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