Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cassel goes to KC; Cutler wants out of Denver

Matt Cassel, QB that NE franchised, is going to KC for a second round pick. It is the 34th pick overall in the 2009 draft though. So NE could see some instant improvement with their 2009 draft early picks (23rd and 34th).

The word out of Denver is that Jay Cutler wants to be traded now because Denver wanted Matt Cassel and tried to get him by trading away Cutler. Simply Amazing!!! If true, it was problaby new HC Josh McDaniels wanting to be reunited with Cassel but what were you thinking? Cutler is a Pro Bowl QB and now he is pissed. Ug!

This also means Tyler Thigpen who performed well in the second half of the season (last 10 games- 2200+ passing yds, 16 Tds, 8 Ints, 320 yds rushing, 2 Rushing Tds) will problably be the #2 QB. I think KC should have let the guy play a full season before going after another QB but who am I to say.

This means NE is very confident in Tom Bradys return and thus you should be too. But do not expect more than 28 Tds from him in 2009.

As a side note DET signed Bryant Johnson former SF WR and SF signed former TEN WR Brandon Jones.

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