Thursday, March 5, 2009

TO out of Dallas-next up OAK or TEN?

The QB Killer everyone loves to hate has been kicked out of Dallas. Jerry Jones has admitted by his recent release of TO (and the lost money to the salary cap) that the TO Experiment was a mistake. Jones apparently will attempt to stabilize the team and allow Tony Romo to establish some chemistry with P Crayton, Roy Williams and Sam Huard plus a possible rookie WR aquistion. My bet is that Roy Williams will be a sleeper in 2009 that really takes off. He is a sleeper because of his poor production after joining the Cowboys but people forget that Romo got hurt shortly thereafter. Look for big things in Big D from RW.

In the meantime that leaves TO and Marvin Harrion both on the outside looking in for a team to take a chance on their veteran bodies.

Who would be the next groom for the camera hungry TO?
1300 yards and 10 TDs a year are a tempting dowry but I can only see OAK and TEN as suitors.
OAK because Al Davis is that desperate and they have no WRs to speak of.
TEN for all the same reasons (just minus the Al Davis thing) and they have a coach and team who can handle TO.

Get your popcorn ready......

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