Friday, May 14, 2010

Fantasy Football Tips # 211: Watch carefully who the top team drops

Fantasy Football Tip #211: Watch carefully who the top team drops. Many times you may be trying to catch a team loaded with talent who is leading the league. If they drop a player to add another, often they are forced to drop an otherwise good player simply because they have too much talent at a certain position. When this happens, their trash can be your treasure. Often the player the top team cannot afford to carry any longer will be an upgrade for your team. There are times when a QB or TE or even a good WR will be dropped to make room for a handcuff or a bye week replacement on the top team. So watch who is dropped carefully and evaluate whether their discarded player can actually improve your team and allow you to have a better team for your playoff matches later in the season. The chances are greater that a great team drops a player you can use. Rarely does a bad team drop a player that you can use.

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