Monday, May 31, 2010

Fantasy Index Expert Auction draft 2010-my team

My second FF draft of the 2010 season.

Here is my team from the auction draft a few weeks ago for the Fantasy Football Index Experts League. You can read about the rest of the league and my rankings and comments in the upcoming issue due out 1 July.

The league is essentially a draftmasters (draftexperts) league in that it it draft and forget. No trades, add/drops or start/bench decisions. What you draft is what you got all season and the computer picks your best possible starting lineup each week after the scores are tabulated.

It is a 22 man roster and starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DEF in a NON PPR performance league.

I go with 3 QBs and TEs to maximize my points in those categories since I went weak there. I would do the same at K and DEF (draft 3 per position) if this were a 25 man roster league, but alas it is limited to 22 players.

Carson Palmer, Cin QB $9
Alex Smith, SF QB $7 (My sleeper QB-could be Top 15)
Jake Delhomme, Cle QB $1 (May be in a QBBC in Cle-which would suck for me)

Ryan Grant, GB RB $37
DeAngelo Williams, Car RB $30
Jahvid Best, Det RB $16 (Kevin Smith will not be 100% this year, the rookie gets the start from day 1)
Michael Bush, Oak RB $7 (Could easily be the starter for OAK week 1 and definitely will get his touches)
Leon Washington, Sea RB $6 (Looks great now that LenDale White has been released by Seattle)
Brandon Jackson, GB RB $1 (handcuff for Ryan Grant)

Reggie Wayne, Ind WR $31
Chad Ochocinco, Cin WR $17
Santana Moss, Was WR $11 (With a better QB throwing to him (McNabb) the sky is the limit)
Steve Breaston, Ari WR $7 (#2 WR in AZ now)
Anthony Gonzalez, Ind WR $1 (Great sleeper)
Arrelious Benn, TB WR $1 (TB needs a took a flyer on the rookie)

Owen Daniels, Hou TE $7
Chris Cooley, Was TE $6
Marcedes Lewis, Jac TE $1

David Akers, Phi K $1
Jason Hanson, Det K $1

Redskins D/ST, Was D/ST $1
Falcons D/ST, Atl D/ST $1

I really like Alex Smith ($7), Javhid Best ($16), Michael Bush ($7), Leon Washington ($6) and Anthony Gonzalez ($1). The tandem of Owen Daniels and Chris Cooley could be huge too. Especially when I do not have to decide who to start, the computer does it for me!!!

Just goes to show that some money at the end of the draft always buys bargains.

One regret, wish I had gotten another WR $1 instead of the handcuff for Ryan Grant. Oh well.

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Mcat said...

why would you pay more for Ryan Grant than D Williams and Reggie Wayne? that's somewhat backwards.

Sam Hendricks said...

Excellent question! You are right my values for each player going into the auction draft were:

De Williams $42
Reggie Wayne $40
Ryan Grant $37

These values are just that pre auction, meaning maximum cost. Once the auction starts I hope to get value by buying players for under cost-thus saving money for others if needed.
As it turns out Ryan Grant came up for bidding first. I got him for market price (IMO) at $37. He was the 23rd player bid. In other words, I passed on winning the first 22 players of the draft. I generally avoid the first 20 players as a general rule unless I can get them for under cost.

Reggie Wayne was the 29th player auctioned off. By this time, most teams already had spent big money on two players (some had 3 players paid for on their roster and one team had 4). So budgets had thinned and owners had less money to spend (part of my strategy), this resulted in me adding Reggie Wayne for just $31, a $9 savings. Then DeAngleo Williams came up for bidding as the 39th player. Many teams were tapped out (low on money) so I got him for a steal at $30 instead of the $42 I thought he was worth.

Auctions do not always go this well. Rarely are potential Top 10 RBs left until the mid rounds. If they are, any owner with some money can make a steal. But the other side of that coin is if you wait and save your money too long, there may not be players worthy left over.

Bottom line you have to watch the players at key positions and judge when and where to make your move and not wait too long.

Remember: in an auction often the price paid is based on when in the auction they came up for bid. In my opinion, the first 20 or so players are often overbid since every owner has all of his budget burning a hole in his pocket. Stay away from the early players (unless they are value for money) and save some cash for the mid rounds.