Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 FFPC Pros vs Joe's Challenge draft is tonight at 9 pm EST. Watch live!

2010 FFPC Pro's vs Joe's Challenge

I am a Pro in the 7th Division-Charles Jeffersons Z-28s
The draft is tonight Thursday, July 29th, 9:00 pm EST

Watch it live online at:

Here is the draft order;

Draft Order:
1. Richard Dunn - AZRich
2. Dave Zoll -
3. Jeff Gill - Fish
4. Roy Daniel -
5. Jason sternberg - Cinderella Story
6. James Hatfield -
7. Scott Brown - NJ Show
8. Ryan Schoon - Pigskin
9. Dale Messina - Redneck Teabaggers
10. Cory Bonini -
11. Ed Nolan - Gridiron Irishmen
12. Sam Hendricks -

The 2010 FFPC Pros vs Joes Draft Challenge concept is simple. Take a group of hard core FFPC fantasy players (the Joes) and pit them against a contingent of fantasy industry experts (the Pros). There are 96 teams participating (half pros and half Joes). The overall field is divided into 8 separate 'Divisions'. Each division of 12 conducts their own draft. All teams drafted are tossed into one master league to compete. The highest scoring team across all divisions is crowned the 2010 FFPC Pros vs Joes Draft Challenge Champion. One team wins, period.

The scoring system is of course the signature FFPC scoring (with 1.5 points per catch for TE). FFPC also uses dual flx positions and action scoring where any TD scored by a player counts. So all those kickoff and punt return TDs matter now.

It's a DraftExperts format which is essentially a "Best Ball" league where the system automatically fills out your weekly roster with your best performing players at each position. No waiver wire moves or setting of lineups by the participants. Once you draft your team of 26 players, you're administrative duties are done for the year. Just monitor the leaderboard as the year goes on.

What do they win? Originally it was just bragging rights with a claim to the title of the 2010 FFPC Pros vs Joes Draft Challenge Champion. But we now have tons of prizes or bounties on the table including my offerings:
1) FFGuidebook is offering a copy of "Fantasy Football Guidebook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Playing Fantasy Football" to any Joe that wins their Division.

Also, they are offering
2) a choice of either a copy of "Fantasy Football Tips: 201 Ways to Win through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting" or "Fantasy Baseball for Beginners" to any Joe (that blows) and comes in last in their division (since baseball may be better suited to their skills).

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