Monday, July 19, 2010

QBs to avoid in 2010

So I have two drafts in the next 12 days-lucky me! But that also means I have to make some hard choices as to who will win the position battles that have not even started. If you are in the same position that I am in, (drafting Thurs 29 July 9 PM EST in Pros vs Joes and again Saturday 31 July in local league), you need some help with the hard choices. Over the next 12 days I will show you my current rankings and provide some insight.

Today it is QBs. And who to avoid.

BUF just declared it a QB competition-stay away from all including Trent Edwards who I think will eventually win out.

CLE-Jake Delhomme is a deep sleeper as in do not draft until the last 4 Qbs are left and then hope and pray.

STL-Sam Bradford-Repeat after me rookie QBs usually do not do well and if they do (think Flacco and Ryan in 2008) it is when they have a good def, running game or both. STL has neither although S JAX tries his butt off.

CAR-Matt Moore-Cautiously optimistic-will fight off Jimmy Clausen for most of the year, but I would put him above all of the other bottom tier QBs just mentioned but below K Orton and Ben Roeth+9

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