Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hiking in Wales recently...what is the connection to Fantasy Football?

My wife and I recently did some hiking in Wales. Specifically, North Wales and Snowdonia National Park. We stayed at a great B+B called Aberconwy House(
in Betws-y-Coed. We highly recommend them.

I love hiking in Wales. One of the main reasons is safety. As far as I am aware, there are no bears, poisonous snakes, rocky mountain spotted ticks, black widow spiders or any other dangerous animal in Wales. Just lots of sheep, wild ponies and some rams.

This means alot to me. When we hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia we like to go in a group, just in case on the rarest occasion we meet one of those animals.

What does this have to do with Fantasy Football? Safety is a good thing. Think about QBs. Peyton Manning is pretty safe. You know he should play all 16 games and be a top 3 QB no matter what, year in and year out. You will have to draft him early (3rd round probably) but you know what you are getting-safety at QB for the price of a high draft pick. Your RB or WR position will not be as strong because you reached for a QB early, but...QB will be safe.

Maybe this is not so bad a strategy after all for some owners. Think back to your team(s) last year. Did you lose in the playoffs because of your QB? Did you miss the playoffs because of injuries at QB or poor play from a middle round QB that you gambled on? If so, perhaps you are better off going QB early and getting a Top 5 QB and taking your chances with finding a gem at RB3 or WR4 later in the draft. Something to think about as you wander around the Welsh woods and climb Conwy Mountain on a fine summer day.

Enjoy the 4th of July.

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