Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fantasy Football and the NFL Ticket

If you are into fantasy football or just NFL football you really need to get DirectTVs NFL Sunday Ticket. They had a free preview this week and it was even available at my mom's house where it never is seen. So this week 1 was a bonus for me and the family.

Instead of having one or two games to watch at a time I had every Sunday game to choose.

Here are their great featues:

701-Fantasy Player stats page-You can track up to 18 players (perfect as I tracked my fantasy team and my opponents team-don’t worry if you have 10 man rosters since you will have some SNF or MNF players playing later). You even get big play alerts throughout the day if watching the other channels! Fabulous
702-Game mix channel with eight games shown simultaneously complete with scores and game clock. The audio is to the highlighted game. And you have the ability to switch to any of the eight games quickly in order to fill the TV screen with HD action.
703-Red Zone-Goes from game to game when they are in the red zone (inside the opponenets 20). I find this especially useful for the 4 PM games when there are only 3 or 4 but you cannot jump back and forth between them all.
704-715 are all the Sunday NFL games (most in HD).

Cost is pretty expensive at $300 a season. But if you are in a fantasy league that gets together every Sunday anyway. Why not have every owner throw in an extra $25 for the league (12 x $25=$300) and then the league buys the Sunday Ticket. Only caveat is that whoever gets the Sunday Ticket has to be willing to host every Sunday or let the others come over when the host is on vacation.

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