Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life lesson: 4 week vacation prior to NFL start-not a good idea! Plus NFL starters out for Sunday

I should have known better. A 4 week vacation starting Aug 18 running through Sept 15 with the first week n the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone incommunicado-no comment to make (quoting the great Jimmy Buffet). Yes no phones, no TV, no radio and no internet. What was I thinking!

Actually the entire trip was a blast. Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone were spectacular. Wyoming is my new favorite place to hike.

I did not want to post this little family trip because of security concerns. One tweet, facebook "what are you doing" or blog post and the entire world knows you house is empty for a month. Not smart comm sec (communication security) I used to say in the military.

So the vacation was great! The weather fabulously sunny (Hurricane Earl even missed us when we were in Oak Island and the NC coast). But I cannot help but feel a little behind the power curve when the drafts came in the week before the kckoff game. Only time will tell if I ever go on vacation before the start of the season again.

Then again if I win the Fantasy Football Players Championship ( and their $100,000 first prize, I may have to make Yellowstone an annual ritual. LOL

Oh yeah Footbal News:
These guys are already out for Sunday

Matt Stafford is out so Shaun Hill starts
Kevin Kolb is out so Mike Vick starts

L. Maroney was traded to DEN but will not start this week

Doucet-AZ (go Steve Breaston)
M Jenkins ATL (go Harry Douglas)
A Gonzalez (Go A Collie)
C Schilens ( Go Louis Murphy-I gave up on D. Heyward Bey)
D Stallworth (Go TJH)

Hoomanawani -STL

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