Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) Main Event team from Saturday Draft

Starting Slots

Brees, Drew QB (NOR - 10) (3.05) Went QB early because he is my #1 QB and two other QBs went before him ( Rodgers and Peyton Manning) so I decided to grab a consistent #1 wth a late bye (week 10) and go only 1 QB for now.

Jones-Drew, Maurice RB (JAC - 9) (1.05 pick) Expected to have to choose between F Gore and A Johnson but team before me passed on MJD ( maybe due to injury rumors). So I took my #3 RB with the 5th pick.

Stewart, Jonathan RB (CAR - 6) (5.05) This could make or break me if Stewart does not perform as a RB2.
Williams, Carnell RB (TAM - 4) (7.05)
McFadden, Darren RB (OAK - 10) (8.08) Almost took McFadden in the 7th instead he made it back to me in the 8th so I skipped WR and went double down on RBs in 7th/8th.
Hillis, Peyton RB (CLE - 8) (12.08)
Slaton, Steve RB (HOU - 7) (13.05)
Choice, Tashard RB (DAL - 4) (15.05)

Smith, Steve WR (CAR - 6) (4.08 pick) Surprised he was still available again maybe injury concerns and new QB scared some owners. Not me!
Sims-Walker, Mike WR (JAC - 9) (6.08)
Mason, Derrick WR (BAL - 8) (9.05)
Holmes, Santonio WR (NYJ - 7) (11.05) 4 Game suspension but when he comes back he could be crucial to a playoff push!
Camarillo, Greg WR (MIN - 4) (14.08) May have reached here but I love Camarillo as the next Wes Welker at Min.
Henderson, Devery WR (NOR - 10) (16.08)
Heyward-Bey, Darrius WR (OAK - 10) (17.05)
Hartline, Brian WR (MIA - 5) (19.05)

Witten, Jason TE (DAL - 4) (2.08 pick) FFPC rules give 1.5 PPR for TEs and with dual flex players I like to have a good TE.
Carlson, John TE (SEA - 5) (10.08)

Gostkowski, Stephen K (NWE - 5) (18.08)

Bears, Chicago D/ST (CHI - 8) (20.08)

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