Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantasy Index Magazine "Ask the Expert" Question: Have the numerous injuries to quarterbacks so far this season caused a strategy adjustment?

Have the numerous injuries (including concussions) to quarterbacks so far this season caused to adjust your strategy regarding the position for future seasons?

No. I use one of two main QB strategies. The first is a great QB and no backup. I avoided Aaron Rodgers this year precisely because of the GB O Line, instead drafting either Peyton Manning or Drew Brees if they fell enough in the draft. In this scenario, I felt like neither QB should have major risks due to their protection and so I do not have another QB if they get hurt. So far, so good. By not drafting a backup QB who would only be used except on their bye, I free up roster space for the extra RB or WR sleeper (Ben Jarvis Green or Brandon Lloyd). I grab a free agent QB two weeks before their bye.

The other strategy (default if no great QB available cheaply) was to wait on QB and draft two mid round QBs (usually the 12th and 13th QB drafted). This year that was Matt Ryan, Donovan McNabb or Joe Flacco. With two decent QBs I have an option in case one of them is out for a week with a concussion.

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