Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 5 Results for in fantasy football leagues

7-0 for the 2nd time in four weeks. I like it! Week 6 is critical though as most of the money leagues use a 11-week season. So you really need to be 4-2 or better after 6 weeks because with only 5 games left you cannot afford to be 2-4 or worse as there just is not enough time to make up the difference between you at 2-4 and the other teams at 6-0, 5-1 and 4-2.

Of course, in the FFPC and FPC the 2 highest scoring teams also make the playoffs so even with a terrible record if your Total Points scored is high enough you have a shot to make the playoffs that way.

Here is my week in review:

Seven major fantasy football leagues for me this year:

Three are Expert leagues. Two of those Expert leagues are associated with my rankings, projections and mock drafts in Fantasy Football Index magazine and Fantasy Football Pro Forecast magazine. The other is the now annual FFPC Pro's vs Joes Challenge. The Fantasy Index Expert Auction and FFPC Pro's vs Joes are also Draft Masters format so draft and forget.

Of the four remaining money leagues, one is the Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event, two are FootballGuys Players Championship teams and the last is my local league.

Week 5 Results:
Fantasy Index Expert Auction-Draft Masters: Win 10-1 ( we play every team each week), jumped up to 5th place overall

FFPC Pros vs. Joes League #7 - Charles Jefferson's Z-28's: Win, 9-2 against the other teams, jumped to 6th overall in TP standings for year

Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Expert League-Win, 4-1 for year and 1st place in points

FFPC Main Event "Clark W. Griswold" Saturday Online League #21: WIN 3-2, stay at 6th in Points

FPC Satellitte Sunday 09.05.7: WIN, 2-3 for year, jump to 6th place in points

FPC Satellite Tuesday 09.07.10h: WIN, 4-1, improved to 7th place in TP (moving up slowly but steady)

Local League: WIN, 3-2, 4th place in TP

Overall 7-0 (5-0 in H2H leagues). For the season, 23-12

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