Sunday, January 15, 2012

Congratulations to the winners of the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) in 2011

From a FFPC ( email blast:

"The FFPC has crowned a new World Champion! Tim Daneau and Tim Beaulieu, aka T-N-T, have won the 2011 FFPC Main Event. In a close battle, T-N-T held off Glenn Lowy and his team Glenneration X to win it all. T-N-T and Glenn were vitually tied heading into the Monday night game. T-N-T had Colston and Glenn had kicker Matt Bryant. Bryant started with an early field goal, but there would be no denying Drew Brees, and Colston was his favorite target. T-N-T finished with 701.42 points, while Glenneration X ended with 692.55. Glenn takes 2nd place and cashes for $20,000.

On top of the $200,000, Daneau and Beaulieu also have won a beautiful, custom FFPC TitleCraft trophy.

Daneau and Bealieu drafted online and were in league #52, "We Let 'Em Off The Hook". Let's check out their draft round-by-round which was from the 8 hole:

1.8 - Arian Foster
2.5 - Hakeem Nicks
3.8 - Miles Austin
4.5 - Ryan Mathews
5.8 - LaGarette Blount
6.5 - Steve Johnson
7.8 - Matt Stafford
8.5 - Devery Henderson
9.8 - Marques Colston
10.5 - Rob Gronkowski
11.8 - Delone Carter
12.5 - Greg Little
13.8 - Brandon Gibson
14.5 - Heath Miller
15.8 - Shane Vareen
16.5 - Dexter McCluster
17.8 - Eric Decker
18.5 - Marion Barber
19.8 - Josh Brown
20.5 - Shaun Hill

Colston at the 9.8 and Gronk at the 10.5 were the obvious keys to their team success. What insane values. Similarly to the 2011 Footballguys Champion, Ronald Eltanal, T-N-T did not make any high impact free agent pickups. Here is their typical starting lineup for the playoffs:

QB - Stafford
RB - Foster
RB - Mathews
WR - Colston
WR - Austin
WR - Steve Johnson
WR - Nicks
TE - Gronkowski
K - Nugent
D - Eagles"

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