Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sam Hendricks 9th of 25 Experts in Fantasy Index Magazine TE Rankings for 2011

Congratulations to Bob Henry of He¹s the winner of the
Tight Ends portion of the Experts Poll that appeared in the 2011 edition of
Fantasy Football Index magazine.

Henry ranked Rob Gronkowski 6th, higher than any other expert, and that got
his campaign off to a good start. He also picked up some value by dropping
Antonio Gates to 2nd; the majority of experts had Gates No. 1.

Alan Satterlee of Dynasty Rogues finished in 2nd place, and Scott Pianowski
of Yahoo! finished in the 3rd. The pair of shark entries rounded out the top
5 ­ Tony Holm of ³Fantasy Sharks² and Lenny Pappano of ³Draft Sharks². Those
are separate companies. Pappano founded in 1999, and Holm
came along a little later. Same animal, but different guys.

The scoring for this competition is notorious complex. In short, the higher
you rank a player, the more his production counts towards your overall
score. With Gronkowski, for example , he scored 241 fantasy points. If you
ranked him first in your top 20, that would be worth 4,820 points (20 x
241). If you ranked him 2nd, that would be worth 4,579 (19 x 241). If you
ranked him 18th, that would be 723 points (3 x 241). And if you didn¹t rank
him at all, you would take a zero for the Gronk.

  23,794  Henry
  23,482  Satterlee
  23,127  Pianowski
  22,802  Holm
  22,610  Pappano
  22,556  Eleff
  22,331  Dorey
  22,187  Laskiewicz
  22,170  Hendricks
  22,162  Schneller
  22,105  Millman
  21,649  Liss
  21,554  May
  21,437  Tranquilli
  21,297  Davis
  21,230  Zegura
  21,206  Maleman
  21,042  Rosenthal
  20,983  Harris
  20,454  Serra
  19,941  Bonini
  19,837  Mason
  19,810  Kipp
  19,711  Kamys
  18,988  Kellogg

DEF, K, WR, RB and QB rankings will follow in the days to come.

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