Saturday, January 7, 2012 (aka Sam Hendricks) finishes 2011 Fantasy Football season in 6th overall out of 51 Experts in the Rankings Contest

In Week 7 Paul Greco (Fantasy Pros 911) set a record with a 28-point effort, which propelled him into a commanding lead over a field of 50 fellow experts. It was enough to sustain him for the next 10 weeks and Greco held on to win the 2011 Expert’s Contest.

Greco has worked in the Fantasy Sports industry since 2007. As a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, Greco made his mark on the industry by teaming up with legendary fantasy baseball analysis Lenny Melnick to help create FantasyPros911 along with Patrick DiCaprio and Tony Cincotta. Greco also is the Associate Editor at and co-owner of Gotham Sports Media Inc. Along with Cincotta, Greco has co-hosted the FantasyPros911 show for the last two years on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports radio. His body of work includes contributing to USA Today’s Sports Weekly, World Championship of Fantasy Football Magazine, Gotham Baseball Magazine, and Baseball Digest.

Greco actually took the lead in Week 6 with a 19-point effort, but it was his 28 points in Week 7 that gave him a one point lead, which is rather large in this format (that’s what she said). He backed it up with two second place finishes in Weeks 10 and 11 and his lead swelled to 1.73 points. But he would average 12.83 points over the last five weeks which allowed several, namely Schauf, Jamey Eisenberg (CBS Sportsline), John Paulsen (Fantasy Shrink), Scott Pianowski (Yahoo Sports) and Sam Hendricks (FF Guidebook) to gain ground and threaten to steal the title.

The Final Top 25:

1. Paul Greco (Fantasy Pros 911) 17.38

2. Matt Schauf (Draft Sharks) 17.23

3. Scott Pianowski (Yahoo Sports) 16.92

4. John Paulsen (Fantasy Shrink) 16.85

5. Jamey Eisenberg (CBS Sportsline) 16.77

6. Sam Hendricks (FF Guidebook) 16.77

7. Brad Evans (Yahoo Sports) 16.69

8. Adam Conn (411Fantasy) 16.62

9. Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Sports Empires) 16.54

10. Adam Helbling (411Fantasy) 16.23

11. Jake Ciely (RotoExperts) 16.23

12. Andrew Feingold (RotoExperts) 16.15

13. Ross Mandel (NFL Draft Bible) 15.92

14. Ken Zalis (Fans FF) 15.77

15. Brandon Funston (Yahoo Sports) 15.77

t16. Jeff Thitoff (97.1 The Fan) and Dave Richard (CBS Sportsline) 15.54

18. Jason Sarney (Fantasy Phenoms) 15.54

19. Tristan Cockroft (ESPN) 15.38

20. Tommy Landry (RotoExperts) 15.31

21. Eric Karabell (ESPN) 15.23

22. Andy Behrens (Yahoo Sports) 15.23

23. Jody Smith (Gridiron Experts) 15.08

24. Mike Gilbert (RotoExperts) 15.08

25. Chris Morgan (RotoWire) 15.0

Week 11 article after placing first.

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