Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sam Hendricks finished 15th in Fantasy Index Open WR Rankings and is 2nd overall out of 92 with 2 positions to go

Joe Russo remains at the top of the overall leaderboard. He’s the biochemist from San Diego. After four positions have been graded, he’s the only guy above 200,000 points. He’s got a 1,575-point lead over Sam Hendricks, who’s a fantasy football writer from Lynchburg, Va. Hendricks also participates in our regular Experts Poll and has written a number of fantasy books for Extra Point Press. Staines is in third place overall right now.

The winner of the Fantasy Index Open wins a gigantic trophy from Affordable Trophies.They’ve been making trophies for fantasy leagues for over 15 years. The trophy they’ll be handing out for this one is similar in size to an NFL Lombardi trophy.

The winner of this competition also wins a spot in the Experts Poll proper, where he’ll compete alongside the likes of Hendricks and the other panelists in that competition. This is a win-and-your-in competition.

Scoring is complex. The higher you rank a player, the most he counts towards your score. Rank him lower, and he doesn’t count as much. In the case of Brandon Marshall, he scored 216.6 points in this fantasy format. Cannon ranked him 2nd, so that’s 6,281 points (29 x 216.6). Had Cannon ranked him 1st, that would be 6,498 points (30 x 216.6). Had he ranked him 3rd, that would be 6,065 (28 x 216.6).

Still to come … running backs and quarterbacks.

   200,775   Joe Russo (San Diego, Calif.) biochemist
   199,190   Sam Hendricks (Lynchburg, Va.) football writer
   198,250   Brian Staines (Gibsonia, Pa.) teacher
   198,125   Michael McAninch (Naperville, Ill.) network engineer
   197,689   John Moore (Sea Isle City, N.J.) real estate agent
   197,651   Adam Holtz (Rochester, Minn.) football writer
   197,446   Rob Dammers (Ringwood, N.J.) senior tech analyst
   197,236   Moishe Steigmann (Milwaukee, Wis.) rabbi
   197,143   Michael O'Brien (Brighton, Colo.) fingerprint examiner
   197,102   Bob Adelman (St. Louis, Mo.) sales
   197,053   Mike Sarmento (San Jose, Calif.) sales manager
   196,834   Joshua Smith (Olympia, Wash.) staffing scheduler
   196,290   TC Cannon (Oklahoma City, Okla.) sales
   196,280   Manny De Jesus Jr. (Gilbert, Ariz.) student
   196,143   Keith Mason (Sumter, S.C.) buyer
   195,711   Isaac McNally (Billings, Mont.) car salesman
   195,540   Bill Rehor (Culver City, Calif.) screenwriter
   195,497   Ken Yuen (Arlington Heights, Ill.) attorney
   195,301   Jamie Alberts (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.) banker
   194,860   John Lanfranca (Kansas City, Mo.) firefighter

   66,905   TC Cannon (Oklahoma City, Okla.) sales
   65,869   Mike McIlraith (Fort Worth, Tex.) mechanical engineer
   65,856   Brian Staines (Gibsonia, Pa.) teacher
   65,800   Treavor Phipps (Salem, Ind.) steamfitter
   65,603   Michael O'Brien (Brighton, Colo.) fingerprint examiner
   65,559   Adam Holtz (Rochester, Minn.) football writer
   65,551   Scott Kopischke (Menomonee Falls, Wis.) sales engineer
   65,435   Isaac McNally (Billings, Mont.) car salesman
   65,013   Mike Sarmento (San Jose, Calif.) sales manager
   64,938   Bob Adelman (St. Louis, Mo.) sales
   64,897   Jim Bukowski (Chicago, Ill.) accountant
   64,822   Nathan Priest (Hagerstown, Md.) teacher (substitute)
   64,815   Justin Colver (Draper, Utah) Medicare sales
   64,763   John Lanfranca (Kansas City, Mo.) firefighter
   64,711   Sam Hendricks (Lynchburg, Va.) football writer

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