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Sam Hendricks wins Fantasy Index Open beating 91 other competitors!

From the Fantasy Index Website

Sam Hendricks is the grand champion of the 2012 Fantasy Index Open – our prognosicating contest open to anybody who wants to show what they’ve got. Hendricks is the king for Year No. 2 of this competition.

Hendricks is a professional. He writes fantasy football books for Extra Point Press. He resides in Lynchburg, Va.

A real estate agent from Sea Isle City, N.J., John Moore, finished in first place among the civilian entries. Two other fantasy football writers finished in the top 10, including Adam Holtz from Rochester, Minn.; he took third. 

This is a time-consuming competition. You have to put together a top 20 at each position, then all of those selections are graded. The higher you rank a player, the more his production counts to your score. In all, 92 valid entries were received before the July 1 deadline (we opted for a nice early deadline, before there was general agreement on players’ values).

Hendricks finished in the top 10 in only one category – defenses (7th) – but he was steady across the board. Quarterbacks (22nd), running backs (13th), wide receivers (15th), tight ends (33rd) and kickers (11th). That allowed him to finish 122 points ahead of Moore (which isn’t much, considering both scored over 400,000 points.

The winner of this competition wins a monster-sized trophy from Affordable Trophies. That company graciously joined us as a sponsor this year. They’ve been specializing in fantasy sports awards since 1996.

The winner of this competition earns a berth in the sister competition, the Fantasy Index Experts Poll. That’s the one where the results are printed in the magazine each summer. Hendricks was going to be in that competition anyway (he’s been in there the last five years). So we will give that at-large berth to John Moore. 

A shout out is due to Shane Scott, a teacher from Toronto. We changed the scoring system this year, giving more weight to the lesser picks. Had we stuck with the old format, he would have been the champion. Scott also goes down as the top-ranking Canadian.

Fantasy Index Open – old scoring system
   1.  Shane Scott (10th in official scoring)
   2.  John Moore (2nd)
   3.  Mike McIlraith (6th)
   4.  Sam Hendricks (1st)
   5.  Jamie Alberts (8th)
   6.  Zach Leavitt (14th)
   7.  Nike Nease (36th)
   8.  Michael Crow (30th)
   9.  Adam Holtz (3rd)
  10.  Dish Adams (46th)

I put my own picks in here. I’m not eligible for prizes, but I’d like to see how I would do. I finished in 15th this year, which is disappointing. I finished 1st in quarterbacks, but was below-average in running backs (52nd) and kickers (68th). I didn’t include Adrian Peterson in my top 20, which killed me there. At kicker, I get crushed by taking zeros for Randy Bullock (my No. 10 kicker) and Neil Rackers (12th). If Bullock hadn’t landed on injured reserve and had scored Houston’s 138 kicking points, I would have moved up to 6th. I don’t know if Rackers would have moved me up relative to the other top guys, because I don’t know where they ranked him.

I placed 16th among tight ends, 34th among wide receivers and 41st among defenses.

Scott Anderson of Lakewood, Colo., goes down as Mr. Irrelevant. He finished in last place this year. Craig Smith, an attorney from Ozark, Mo., would have been the last-place guy if we’d stuck with the scoring system used in previous years.

The only professional wrestler in the field, Michael Stanco (aka “Maximum Capacity”) finished in 34th place. A fingerprint examiner, Michael O’Brien of Brighton, Colo., finished in 12th.

Scott Sachs of Perfect Season Fantasy Football won the traditional Experts Poll, but he submitted a radically different player list for this competition. A month after submitting the winning entry in the regular experts poll, he finished in 68th in this one, last among all eight of the industry guys who competed.

Hendricks went just the opposite. He finished in only 12th (out of 20) in the regular Experts Poll. But a month later, when the deadline for the Open came up, he made a bunch of changes and made his entry 11,000 points better.

The deadline for the 2013 Fantasy Index Open will be in late June.


   411,060   Sam Hendricks (Lynchburg, Va.) football writer
   410,938   John Moore (Sea Isle City, N.J.) real estate agent
   408,123   Adam Holtz (Rochester, Minn.) football writer
   407,452   Anthony Borbely (Taylor, Mich.) college student
   407,446   Kevin Cuozzo (Boston, Mass.) payroll
   406,859   Mike McIlraith (Fort Worth, Tex.) mechanical engineer
   406,858   Brian Staines (Gibsonia, Pa.) teacher
   406,301   Jamie Alberts (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.) banker
   406,073   Jared Smola (Rochester, N.Y.) football writer
   405,872   Shane Scott (Toronto, Ont.) teacher
   405,700   Keith Mason (Sumter, S.C.) buyer
   405,270   Michael O'Brien (Brighton, Colo.) fingerprint examiner
   405,197   Kirk Kennedy (Pink Hill, N.C.) teacher
   405,079   Zach Leavitt (Highlands Ranch, Colo.) accountant
   404,663   Ian Allan (Seattle, Wash.) football writer
   404,599   Tod Denison (Bakersfield, Calif.) materials manager
   404,523   Mike Sarmento (San Jose, Calif.) sales manager
   404,376   Daniel Williams (Murrieta, Calif.) appraiser
   404,337   Jason Pilon (Blaine, Minn.) office grunt
   404,285   Moishe Steigmann (Milwaukee, Wis.) rabbi
   404,266   Brian George (Billings, Mont.) sales
   404,120   Chris Hertzberg (Austin, Tex.) attorney
   404,092   Bill Rehor (Culver City, Calif.) screenwriter
   403,907   Richard Jackson (Berkeley, Calif.) attorney
   403,635   Adam Thygeson (Portland, Ore.) teacher
   403,509   Jeff Tefertiller (Oklahoma City, Okla.) IT
   403,438   Joshua Smith (Olympia, Wash.) staffing scheduler
   403,342   Manny De Jesus Jr. (Gilbert, Ariz.) student
   403,223   David Dorey (McKinney, Tex.) football writer

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