Sunday, July 21, 2013 team from FFWC Inaugural Qualifier draft from 19 July

First let me state for the record this was a very talented league. I had Kimra Schleicher before me at 9th. Kimra is one of the top players in the world  (6th last time I looked) according to the High Stakes Fantasy Football Global Player Index and Henry Muto on the other side of me (11th). Henry won the $100,000 NFFC  Online Championship last year. So I was bookended by two great high stakes players. I liked my draft. As always a few mistakes and some bright spots. I did call into the Red vs Blue BlogTalkRadio podcast which was broadcasting live during our draft. Check it out.

1.10 C. J Spiller RB BUF
2.03 Marshawn Lynch RB SEA
3.10 Andrea Johnson WR HOU
4.03 Jason Witten TE DAL (0/2/1/1)
5.10 Mike Wallace WR MIA
6.03 Rashard Mendenhall RB AZ (0/3/2/1)
7.10 DeSean Jackson WR PHI
8.03 Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis RB CIN (0/4/3/1)
9.10 Ronnie Hillman RB DEN (maybe too early but I think he starts most of the DEN games)
10.03 Danny Woodhead RB SD (0/6/3/1) (Should have gone QB with RG3 or Kaepernick or R Wilson)
11.10 Greg Little WR CLE
12.03 Andy Dalton QB CIN (1/6/4/1)
13.10 Dustin Keller TE MIA (thought about skipping the TE2 spot but feel like he offers so much potential as a Flex)
14.03 DHB WR OAK (1/6/5/2)
15.10 Philip Rivers QB SD (sleeper)
16.03 Robert Woods WR BUF (2/6/6/2)
17.10 Golden Tate WR SEA
18.03 Malcolm Floyd WR SD (2/6/8/2)
19.10 Brian Quick WR STL
20.03 Daniel Thomas RB MIA (2/7/9/2/0/0)

I skipped a K and Def to stockpile an extra RB and WR until the end of training camp. I can add a K and Def from the waiver wire that occurs before the season starts.

-Strong at RB and TE (Two of my top 8 RBs and five of my top 30 RBs. Hillman starts and stays the starter for some time)
-Both QBs can give me good production by playing the matchups
-WRs Two top 20, one top 35 and some sleepers that I need to hit on

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