Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Questions about Kindle for desktop computers and printing

Several buyers over the years have asked how to read their kindle book on their PC or MAC.
Then the follow up is "How do I print a page or two from there?"

There is a Kindle software program that will allow you to read a kindle book on your desktop computer. It is called Kindle for PC and comes in Windows and Mac versions.

With the Kindle for PC program, you can copy and paste and then print.

Highlight the page you are interested in. Use your mouse and scroll down the page. Once highlighted, a bar will appear with the copy selection. Click on that. Then open your MS Word or word processing program and click on Paste or do a CTRL V. If the font is too small, then do a CTRL A to select the whole page and change the font to something larger. You can bold headings too, if you wish, and do any other formatting.

You will notice that at the bottom of the page is a two-line footer that has been added to the page. It provides the author of the book with the publication date, the name of the book and the location from where the page came from, the name of the publisher and that the book is a Kindle Edition. This is to prevent infringement of the copyright.

You can then print the page from your word processing program.

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