Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2013 FFPC Winner of $250,000 Joe and Jason Reither

Joe and Jason Reither Win The FFPC Main Event!

It all came down to Monday Night Football. Brothers Joe and Jason Reither were "in the clubhouse" with a 733.62 and the lead for $250,000 in the 2013 FFPC Main Event. The only opponent with a realistic chance to catch them was Kevin Greuloch, who was down 26.07 points and had Colin Kaepernick to go.

Kaepernick struggled in the first half with roughly five fantasy points and the Reithers were probably breathing a little easy. But that changed very early in the third quarter when Kaepernick converted a 3rd and 10 for 47 yards to Michael Crabtree. After another 19-yarder to Crabtree and a 10-yard touchdown pass to Anquan Boldin, the tide quickly started to turn.

The two-team high-stakes fantasy battle continued into the late 3rd quarter when the 49ers started a drive with 2:12 left in the quarter nursing a 13-10 lead. Kaep tallied a 22-yard scramble (good for 2.2 points), a 10-yard pass to Boldin and another nine-yard run to the Atlanta 21-yard-line. Frank Gore got them to the four-yard line, and that's when Kaepernick ran in a touchdown on a designed run play with 12:34 left in the game and gave the Niners a 20-10 lead. At that point in the game, Kaepernick had 24.95 points and the Reithers held just a 1.12 point lead.

The Falcons only took four minutes off the clock and drove for a touchdown to make the game 20-17. In the ensuing drive, the 49ers were trying to run some clock but still needed to produce. All they did was run, run, run the ball on a six-play drive with a 47-yard Kendall Hunter run and a Gore touchdown to make it 27-17 with 5:04 left.

Things looked bad at that point for Kaep to score any more points. Atlanta marched down the field in 2:55 and scored to make it 27-24 with just 2:09 left. Somehow Jason Snelling recovered the onside kick and tightroped out of bounds with possession. The Falcons were back in business and Kaepernick suddenly looked to get another shot for fantasy points.

Atlanta completed two passes for 20 yards and were at the 49ers 10-yard line with an easy, game-tying field goal in the bag when the game's deciding play occurred. Matt Ryan was intercepted on a tipped pass by San Francisco linebacker NaVorro Bowman who sprinted downfield for a defensive touchdown to seal the game for the 49ers and the FFPC Main Event title for the Reithers. Kaepernick ended up going scoreless over the final 12:34 of game action.

It was the closest finish for the FFPC Main Event and the action swung heavily in favor of the Reithers or Greuloch at least 5 different times after halftime. 

When you look at the FFPC Main Event leaderboard, the whole top 10 was within just 40 points of winning the whole enchilada. Very impressive showing by all of these players. Dominic Laferriere, Lenny Moyger, Kevin Proctor, Greg Huchingson/Stafford Conn, Sanjeev Wadhwa, John Duckworth, Hubbard/Sousa/Pierson, John Rundle and on down the line. All of these fantasy players had amazing seasons and should be congratulated for their efforts. Well done.

As an aside, Joe and Jason Reither actually won their 2013 FFPC Main Event entry via one of the FFPC/ weekly contests, so they actually turned $55 into $250,000. Now that is an ROI.

Here are the top 10 finishers in the 2013 FFPC Main Event:
  • $250,000 + custom Titlecraft trophy - Joe Reither / Jason Reither - Turduckens - 733.62
  • $30,000 - Kevin Greuloch - Scrote Squad 2 - 732.5
  • $15,000 - Dominic Laferriere - FantasyQB - Main - 723.45
  • $10,000 - Lenny Moyger - Fantasy Consultant - 719.77
  • $9,000 - Kevin Proctor - Throwbacks I - 717.94
  • $8,000 - Greg Huchingson, Stafford Conn - Blue Soldiers - 714.54
  • $7,000 - Sanjeev Wadhwa - Groove Back - 706.66
  • $6,000 - John Duckworth - War Kittens - 700.86
  • $5,000 - Hubbard/Sousa/Pierson - MustSeeTV Franchise - 699.92
  • $4,500 - JOHN RUNDLE - Townies - 695.93

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