Saturday, February 22, 2014

FBG Players Championship Winner

Congratulations to Shawn Coots for winning the Players Championship (FPC). Shawn takes home a $250,000 Grand Prize. 

Billy Wasosky came in second place ($35,000) while Dwain McFarland finished in third place and fourth place with a team co owned with Daniel Franks!

I have played in the FPC every year since its inception. I cannot wait for 2014 to start.

Here are the details for the FPC from 2013.
Over $1.2 Million Dollars are waiting for the top fantasy owners playing in the Players Championship this year, with a guaranteed grand prize of $250,000.00 - in fact, the entire prize structure is fully guaranteed! 
  • Just $350 for an entry, or buy a three-pack of teams for $1,000
  • All cash prizes placed in a secured attorney escrow account
  • All cash prizes may be split among co-owners, if so desired
  • All cash prizes awarded by January 30, 2014

 More facts:

2013 Footballguys Players Championship (FPC)
  • Over $1.2 million in guaranteed prizes!
  • Grand prize of $250,000!
  • League prizes are $2,000. $1500 cash or 2014 Entry into FFPC Main Event valued at $1650 | 2nd - $500 cash
  • The Championship round pays cash down to 100th place.
  • 2nd place is $35,000, a 100 times return on a $350 entry fee.
  • 2014 Footballguys Championship teams are awarded from 101st to 200th place, a $350 value each.
  • Lifetime subscriptions from 201st to 280th place.
  • Three year subscriptions from 281st place to 400th place.
  • Daily drafts from July 27th through September 5th
  • All prizes held in attorney escrow account.
  • The entry fee is $350 per team and three teams for $1000

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