Saturday, August 22, 2015

Draft and Forget Strategy?

I have participated in many Draft Masters (also known as Draft and Forget or Draft Experts leagues) over the past few months and one glaring strategy error has occurred in almost every draft (except for my Pros vs Joes league). In a DM league you draft your team and then have no other duties. It is literally a draft and forget league because there are no add/drop, trades or weekly start decisions. You have only the players you drafted and the computer sets an optimal lineup each week for you. What could be easier? 

Strategy wise I have seen several owners draft two top QBs in the early rounds. Last week I was in a league where an owner drafted three Top 6 QBs in round 4, 5 and 6.  PM, Big Ben Roth+ and Drew Brees-how much value is Ben Roth and Drew Brees adding to the team the entire season?

WHY? This is a terrible strategy. You can only start 1 QB. They cannot be a flex player which means every week the computer will only pick one QB to start. So if you have Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers (which an owner with the #1 pick did after drafting them in the 2nd and 3rd round!!!) only one of their great point totals for the week is used. It is a huge waste of points since the other QB does not add anything to you team. Yes on the bye week you have a stud and IF your primary QB gets hurt you have a great backup. But at what cost?
I would much rather have Justin Forset as one of my RBs who cn be used as a RB or as a flex and with starting 2 RB and 2 flex in a FFPC or FPC league, Forset has 4 chances to start as  a bye week filler at the minimum even if I started RB-RB. No it is madness to draft two high QBs in a Draft Master former where no trades are allowed and the computer makes it a best ball format. 

Here is an example of the 2 QBs points for a few weeks:

Luck   Rodgers      Max Points
20        24               24 (+4)
22        21               22 (+1)
28        30               30 (+2)
24        19               24 (+5)

You get the idea-you are not getting a ton of extra points for a third round draft pick you sacrifice with this strategy. 

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