Sunday, August 2, 2015

NFFC Does it Again with Great $100 off Offer through

Here's the deal for 2015: By depositing $50 into your current or new Fanduel account, you will automatically receive a $100 discount off ANY NFFC event. It's as easy as that.

If you are a new user and don't have a Fanduel account, just click on the green box that says "Claim Now." Once you put $50 into this new account the NFFC will be notified and the NFFC will take $100 off ANY NFFC team in 2015. Easy enough.

If you already have a Fanduel account, just follow these steps: 
1) Make a deposit of $50 or more
2) Email to request the discount
3) You'll get $100 taken off your NFFC purchase

I did this the last two years and I am doing it again this year. Take advantage of this great deal!

The NFFC does not begin charging for NFFC events until Aug. 1st, so they have plenty of time to take the $100 off your bill before any charges are made. If you sign up for this discount after they've already charged the entry you wanted discounted they'll send a check for $100 to your mailing address. Simple enough. will also be live in Las Vegas on Sept. 9-12 at the Bellagio to meet  NFFC customers and to be part of the NFL Viewing Party on Thursday Night. They are sponsoring the NFFC Thursday Night party in an Executive Penthouse Suite at the Bellagio, so come and join them and the NFFC for that NFL Opener. Food and drink will be provided to everyone FREE. And they'll be involved in promoting their weekly contest this year that is sure to have a big, big grand prize and even offer some weekly NFFC/Fanduel contests that will include entries into the 2016 NFFC Classic or Primetime. Should be fun.

This is another benefit to NFFC owners and one that will save each of you money. This baseball season, the N had 580 owners who took advantage of this offer, saving $58,000, and we expect an even higher number in the NFFC. We're proud to be working with and saving everyone $100 if they choose to participate in this offer. Win money with us and win money in the daily games with It doesn't get any better than that.

And kudos to Fanduel for allowing returning Fanduel members to receive the $100 off. Not every DFS company does that. Some only give discounts to new users, but Fanduel is allowing ALL NFFC MEMBERS to benefit from this discount. It really is a worthy promotion to NFFC's great customers, so take advantage of it.

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