Friday, August 28, 2015

Leagues I am in so far in 2015

I am in the following Drafts/Leagues:
13 Leagues (7 active and 6 Draft Masters (DM)) and had 2 other drafts.

Fantasy Index Magazine Experts League Thursday 14 May (DM)
Fantasy Index Magazine Auction Monday 18 May (DM)

Pro Forecast Magazine PPR         Tuesday 26 May (draft no league)
Pro Forecast magazine Non-PPR Thursday 28 May (Draft only)

Pro Forecast Magazine PPR Tuesday 16 June
Pro Forecast magazine Non-PPR Thursday 18 June

SFB360 Bill Brasky Division  Monday 6 July

Pros vs Joes (sponsored by FFPC) Sunday July 26 (DM)

FFPC $35 Classic Slow Online Draft #1836
FFPC $35 Draft Expert Slow Online Draft #1915 (DM)
FFPC $35 Draft Expert Slow Online Draft #2068 (DM)
FFPC $35 Draft Expert Slow Online Draft #2083 (DM)

Remaining Drafts:
FFPC $250 Classic #1709         Saturday 29 Aug 9 PM ET

Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) "Beat Harris to a pulp" League                             Tuesday Sept 1 7pm

Local league                              Saturday 5 Sept TBD

Check back often to see how I am doing in these Expert and money leagues throughout the year.

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