Monday, January 25, 2016

2nd Place Finish in Fantasy Index Experts Rankings

Great finish to the Fantasy Index Experts Rankings-2nd place overall. 
I finished in the top 10 of all but the RB categories.
Congratulations to Cory Bonini with his 1st place finish. Cory enjoyed top finishes in QB and RB to surpass me for the win!

The top 11 finishers win spots in the Mock Draft competition in the 2016 edition of Fantasy Football Index magazine. As the winner of this poll, Bonini gets his choice of draft position in that league.

There were reader qualifiers in this poll (the top two finishers in last year’s Fantasy Index Open) but they didn’t finish in the top 11. Pete Owers finished in 15th place, and Todd Voorhees finished in 19th.

1.Cory Bonini111818161275,914
2.Sam Hendricks3127696275,111
3.Bryan Hough49416414274,189
4.L.A. Hale148331316273,805
5.Chris Liss915611110273,741
6.Jay Harding871511212273,725
7.Alan Satterlee1042151511273,122
8.David Dorey56178319272,702
9.Paul Charchian72092114272,331
10.Lenny Pappano155125177271,680
11.Scott Pianowski171014759271,483
12.Micah James218120188271,307
13.Michael Nazarek1317114813271,155
14.Bob Henry1811812103271,090
15.Pete Owers6161610718270,838
16.Mike Nease1231013195270,608
17.Tony Holm162517202269,921
18.Mike Clay19141391415268,936
19.Todd Voorhees20131914217267,174
20.Scott Sachs11192019620264,301

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