Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fantasy Index Experts WR Rankings-7th place, 4th Overall

Congratulations to Micah James for winning the Fantasy Football Index magazine WR Experts Rankings! I finished 7th in WRs and stay at 4th overall. 

1.Micah James47,733
2.Alan Satterlee47,407
3.L.A. Hale47,115
4.Bryan Hough46,257
5.Tony Holm46,176
6.Chris Liss46,092
7.Sam Hendricks45,878
8.Bob Henry45,638
9.Paul Charchian45,558
10.Lenny Pappano45,496
11.Michael Nazarek45,461
12.Mike Nease45,457
13.Mike Clay45,179
14.Scott Pianowski45,015
15.Jay Harding44,960
16.Pete Owers44,845
17.David Dorey44,284
18.Cory Bonini44,207
19.Todd Voorhees43,020
20.Scott Sachs41,998

1.L.A. Hale331316141,788
2.Chris Liss611110141,744
3.Paul Charchian92114141,302
4.Sam Hendricks7696140,746
5.Jay Harding1511212140,376
6.Michael Nazarek114813140,304
7.Scott Pianowski14759139,875
8.Bob Henry812103139,718
9.Alan Satterlee2151511139,572
10.Lenny Pappano105177139,535
11.Bryan Hough416414139,474
12.Pete Owers1610718138,694
13.Mike Clay1381415138,646
14.David Dorey179319138,427
15.Micah James120188137,802
16.Cory Bonini1818161137,511
17.Mike Nease1213195137,289
18.Tony Holm517202137,287
19.Todd Voorhees1914217136,817
20.Scott Sachs2019620133,719

I am the only expert to finish above average (10th or better) in all four categories graded so far. 

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