Sunday, March 17, 2019 finshes 5th out fo 20 Experts in Fantasy Index Magazine WR Rankings for 2018

Now at 6th overall after WR, TE, K and Defenses all added together.

With the Fantasy Index Experts Poll, the wide receiver position played out almost the same as the tight ends yesterday. Alan Satterlee of the Charlotte Observer was the winner, while Bob Henry of Football Guys came out on the top in the alternative scoring method.
With tight ends, Satterlee had a handful of picks that stood out. That wasn’t so much the case here, where it appears he picked up some value here and there. He ranked Mike Evans 5th, which helped him along (Evans was about 4 spots lower on most boards). He also helped himself by being among the highest on T.Y. Hilton (10th) and JuJu Smith-Schuster (13th).
Whatever the reasons, after all 20 picks of all 20 experts were scored, Satterlee finished in the No. 1 spot, with 55,481 points. Three others also made it over the 55,000-point mark (less than 1 percent behind): Henry, Lenny Pappano (Draft Sharks) and Michael Nease (Big Guy Fantasy Sports).
EXPERTS POLL, WR (standard scoring)
Alan Satterlee55,481
Bob Henry55,413
Lenny Pappano55,142
Michael Nease55,034
Sam Hendricks54,742
Scott Pianowski54,526
Cory Bonini54,398
Paul Charchian54,205
Jeff Ratcliffe54,174
Patrick Chance54,030
Harold Simons53,813
Michael Nazarek53,737
Mike Clay53,655
Jesse Pantuosco53,653
Jody Smith53,524
David Dorey53,458
Justin Eleff53,319
Chris Liss53,300
Tony Holm53,276
Aaron Bland53,241
If we use the scoring system that establishes a floor beneath picks (reducing the impact of injuries and benchings) than Henry takes top honors, with the top 4 spots going to the same four analysts.
For this scoring system, I set the floor at 25 wide receivers. In a 12-team league with everyone starting two wide receivers, that would be 24 starting wide receivers. I assumed that those who missed on picks would be able to get production on par with the best backup receivers, using trades and free-agent pickups – guys tend to emerge throughout the season. Emmanuel Sanders ranked 25th in scoring at this position, with 127.5 points, so that was deemed to be the floor – so credit was only given to production beyond that point.
Bob Henry17,362
Michael Nease17,261
Alan Satterlee17,253
Lenny Pappano17,016
Cory Bonini16,774
Paul Charchian16,652
Scott Pianowski16,598
Sam Hendricks16,580
Harold Simons16,491
Jeff Ratcliffe16,410
Patrick Chance16,282
Mike Clay16,249
Chris Liss16,160
Jesse Pantuosco16,057
Jody Smith15,948
Michael Nazarek15,948
David Dorey15,916
Tony Holm15,781
Justin Eleff15,728
Aaron Bland15,686
With two positions left to grade, Satterlee is the overall leader. Scott Pianowski and Pappano are about 1,000 points back, but somebody from further back could still make a run – the QB and RB positions tend to be the most important.
EXPERTS POLL, OVERALL (standard scoring)
Alan Satterlee151211150,605
Scott Pianowski10186149,543
Lenny Pappano51923149,501
Bob Henry141542149,226
Michael Nazarek112312149,172
Sam Hendricks171065148,474
Jesse Pantuosco831014148,258
Paul Charchian14158148,087
Chris Liss311518148,060
Patrick Chance691110147,927
Michael Nease161894147,881
David Dorey1216716147,101
Harold Simons451711146,902
Cory Bonini98207146,134
Justin Eleff2141417146,107
Jeff Ratcliffe713189146,090
Jody Smith1371915145,512
Tony Holm18171319144,895
Mike Clay2061613144,805
Aaron Bland19201220144,306
Grading picks of experts, of course, is a subjective exercise. You can score them a lot of different ways, with different guys potentially “winning”. If we instead use the VBD scoring method, Henry is the current leader, with Nease and Pappano close behind.
Bob Henry15161128,692
Michael Nease9124228,534
Lenny Pappano11113428,374
Alan Satterlee18132328,168
Scott Pianowski3611728,081
David Dorey1961727,563
Paul Charchian2216627,543
Sam Hendricks1749827,464
Michael Nazarek13351627,442
Chris Liss510121327,424
Patrick Chance71881127,377
Jesse Pantuosco128101427,247
Cory Bonini4120526,838
Harold Simons8719926,669
Jeff Ratcliffe1419171026,479
Aaron Bland19572026,270
Jody Smith1614131526,137
Tony Holm615141826,071
Justin Eleff1017151925,923
Mike Clay2020181225,355

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