Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 QB Rankings and Explanations

2009 QB Rankings

These Rankings are based on 4 points per passing TD, 6 points per rushing TD (# not shown here), 1 point per 25 yards passing. One point is subtracted for every interception thrown. Be sure to visit for more updates all offseason or to look at the QBs 2009 projections.

1 D Brees NO - Duh! 5000 yards passing in 08'
2 P. Manning IND -Always a Top 3 QB
3 T Romo DAL - Recovers from 08' injuries
4 A Rodgers GB - Have you seen his 08' stats? 4000 yds and 28 TDs
5 J Cutler DEN - New coach, tons of weaposn
6 M Cassel/ Brady NE - Hedging my bets with who will start
7 P Rivers SD -More LT = Less Passing TDs
8 K Warner/Leinart AZ - 3 x 1000 yd WRs...need I say more
9 S Hill SF -Sleeper-if he starts, great finish in 08'
10 D McNabb PHI -Slowly regressing but still good
11 T Thigpen KC -08’ darling gets better, question is does Tony Gonzlaez stay at TE
12 C Palmer CIN -Check health status in offseason, huge risk/reward here
13 C Pennington MIA -Steady wins the race.
14 M Schaub* HOU -Injury concerns make me rank him lower based on just a 14 game season, if he starts all 16-IF IF IF....move him up to Top 10.
15 D Garrard JAX -Steady but needs the Jags running game to gel, or better yet the OL
16 B Roethlisberger PIT -Healthy RBs mean less passes and Ward is a year older.
17 T Jackson MIN -If he starts and stays he could be a big sleeper, but I have been burnt on the M Vicks and V Youngs too much in the past, so not so quick this time to declare him King.
18 M Hasslebach SEA -New coach Mora wants to run more, if healthy could be worth the chance
19 Eli Manning NYG -200 yards per game average is nothing to brag about FF wise
20 Matt Ryan ATL- Everything flows through Michael "burner" Turner
21 J Delhomme CAR -Too many health concerns and a playoff collapse in 08'
22 Favre/Clemmons NYJ -whoever starts expect lots of INTs
23 K Orton CHI - CHI Offense is an oxymoron; Matt Forte is the star
24 J Campbell WAS -Which new Off scheme will he have to learn this year?
25 Joe Flacco BAL - Steady improvement but nothing to get excited about
26 Ja Russell OAK -Oakland, need I say more
27 M Bulger STL -Health concerns and a new coach, Holt lost a step too
28 Brady Quinn CLE -Deep sleeper
29 T Edwards BUF -Not consistent
30 J Kitna/Orlosky DET -QB controversy, 0-16 in 08'
31 J Garcia TB -New coach, time is running out
32 K Collins TEN -Running backs TEN has, WRs no
33 S Rosenfels HOU -Great insurance for Schaub
34 V Young TEN -Check mental state, but potential is there, see T Jax above.

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