Friday, January 16, 2009

Carson Palmer pick as #3 QB erases chance at Fantasy Football Index magazine 2008 Experts Ranking title for Sam Hendricks

Roland Wood and the guys at Dynasty Rogues are the winners of the 18th
annual Experts Poll hosted by Fantasy Football Index magazine. Wood
outscored the other 19 experts in the quarterbacks competition, and that
allowed him to sneak past a handful of other contenders and win this year¹s

With Carson Palmer as the #3 QB in my rankings I knew things looked bleak heading into the final round of Fantasy Football Index magazines 2008 Experts Ranking title. These rankings were submitted in May of 2008 by 20 Experts and Fantasy Football Index magazine itself. I finished 7th in Defenses and 2nd in Kickers. TEs were a disappointment as I dropped to 6th overall after they were graded. WRs and RBs dropped us slightly in the overall standings but Carson Palmer (along with T. Brady at #1) sank us at QB and denied us a spot in the Fantasy Football Index 2009 Experts League. Look for my picks again this year and I promise a top finish in 2009.

In this competition, which dates back to 1991, every pick is scored in varying
degrees. The higher you rank a player, the more points he scores for you in
the poll so the experts are graded on essentially all of the significant
players. Drew Brees, for example, was the highest scoring quarter back in
this scoring format, scoring 389 points. If you ranked Brees No. 1 on your
board, that would be worth 7787 points 20 multiplied by 389. If you ranked
Brees 5th, you would get 5840 points (15 x 389). If you had Brees 19th, you
would have gotten 779 points (2 x 389).

The top 11 finishers in this poll earn spots in the magazine's 2009 Experts
League, which will be published in the upcoming edition of the magazine. And
draft order in that league is determined by the order of finish in this
competition. There¹s also a 12th spot in that league that goes to a Fantasy Football Index subscriber.

Wood compiled a solid overall card to win the competition. He fared poorly
in kickers (17th) and below-average in wide receivers (14th), but he was
very good in all of the other categories 1st in defenses, 2nd in running
backs and 3rd in tight ends.

And his win at quarterback allowed him to win the whole deal. Former
champion Scott Pianowski (Yahoo!) finished 2nd, and perennial contender
Michael Nazarek (Fantasy Football Mastermind) took 3rd. Look for my predictions, projections and rankings in Fantasy Football Almanac 2009 available on May 1 in online retailers such as, and at my website

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