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Fantasy Football Guidebook holds 6th place overall in Fantasy Football Index magazines 2008 Expert Rankings after TEs

Tommy Stephens of FANTASY FOOTBALL EDGE is the winner of the Tight Ends
portion of the 2008 Experts Poll hosted by Fantasy Football Index magazine.

This is from the poll that is published in the magazine - 20 experts listing
their top 20 at each position. Every pick is scored. And in the tight ends
portion of the competition, Stephens is the winner. He was followed by

Nazarek, meanwhile, has moved into first place in the overall competition,
with Wood and Scott Endsley (FANTASY DRAFT EDGE). The three most important
positions - QB, RB, WR - are still in play, so it's wide open. Thus far,
Endsley has put together the most impressive scorecard, ranking in the top 5
in all three positions (defenses, kickers and tight ends).

The poll, started in 1991, is different from other experts competition in
that every expert has to take a stand on every significant player - every
pick is scored. If an expert ranks a player No. 1 at a position, that
player's actual fantasy production is multiplied by 20. If an expert ranks a
player No. 2, the player's production is multiplied by 19. If the expert
ranks a player No. 3, the multiplier number is 18, and so on.

In case of Stephens, for example, he ranked Jason Witten as his top tight
end. Witten finished with 119.2 points in this scoring system, so that
choice was worth 2,384 points to Stephens (119.2 x 20). Looking at Stephens'
overall board, there isn't any knockout-type that lifted him ahead of
everyone else. He was one of the few to put Witten ahead of Antonio Gates;
that got him a few points. And he was among the highest on Owens Daniels
(8th) and Tony Scheffler (7th), and they both had solid years. Regardless,
when you add them all up, he's the winner.

Fantasy Football Index isn't an official part of this poll. We administrate
and score the deal, so we've always taken a step back on this thing. It
seems like the right thing to do. Unlike the experts, for example, we would
have the ability to go back in and tinker with our rankings after the
mid-May deadline. For this year, we would have had the ability to bail out
on Cedric Benson and Travis Henry, who ran into off-field problems after the
experts deadline but before our print deadline. But we always plug in our
magazine picks to see how they compare. So far, we're off to our worst
showing ever in the Experts Poll - below-average in all three positions.

The top 11 finishers in this poll earn spots in the magazine's 2009 Experts
League, which will be published in the upcoming edition of the magazine.
Whichever expert finishes first in the overall poll will get his choice of
draft position; the 2nd-place finisher will get second choice of draft
spots, and so on. The 12th and final draft spot will go to a Fantasy
Football Index reader.


18,520 Tommy Stephens (fantasyfootballedge.net)
18,397 Michael Nazarek (ffmastermind.com)
18,225 Roland Wood (dynastyrogues.com)
18,203 Bob Henry (footballguys.com)
18,141 Scott Endsley (fantasydraftedge.com)
18,081 Greg Alan (4for4.com)
18,028 Craig Davis (fantasyfootball.com)
18,004 Jeffrey Kamys (docstats.com)
17,971 Greg Rosenthal (rotoworld.com)
17,890 Scott Pianowski (Yahoo Sports)
17,857 Christopher Liss (rotowire.com)
17,827 David Dorey (thehuddle.com)
17,754 Louis Tranquilli (bfdfantasyfootball.com)
17,740 Lenny Pappano (draftsharks.com)
17,716 James Serra (footballsoftward.com)
17,657 Sam Hendricks (ffguidebook.com)
17,655 Ryan Houston (fanball.com)
17,539 Nathan Zegura (thefantasyconsultant.com)
17,404 Dan Bakley (thefantasypoint.com)
14,978 Kevin Marshall (draftwizard.com)

17,459 * Fantasy Football Index magazine picks

* -- magazine not official part of poll.

(includes kickers and defense/special teams)

73,866 Michael Nazarek (ffmastermind.com)
73,859 Scott Endsley (fantasydraftedge.com)
73,426 Roland Wood (dynastyrogues.com)
73,345 Jeffrey Kamys (docstats.com)
73,289 Scott Pianowski (Yahoo Sports)
72,982 Sam Hendricks (ffguidebook.com)
72,974 Bob Henry (footballguys.com)
72,872 David Dorey (thehuddle.com)
72,818 Greg Alan (4for4.com)
72,729 Christopher Liss (rotowire.com)
72,710 Louis Tranquilli (bfdfantasyfootball.com)
72,622 James Serra (footballsoftward.com)
72,470 Tommy Stephens (fantasyfootballedge.net)
72,468 Dan Bakley (thefantasypoint.com)
72,204 Lenny Pappano (draftsharks.com)
72,198 Greg Rosenthal (rotoworld.com)
72,122 Ryan Houston (fanball.com)
70,400 Nathan Zegura (thefantasyconsultant.com)
69,689 Craig Davis (fantasyfootball.com)
68,458 Kevin Marshall (draftwizard.com)

71,016 * Fantasy Football Index magazine picks

* -- magazine not official part of poll.

Tight ends were given 6 points for each touchdown and 1 point for every 10
yards. No points for receptions. Final scoring was as follows ...

Points (No-Yds-TD)
165.8 Tony Gonzalez (96-1058-10)
120.8 Dallas Clark (77-848-6)
119.2 Jason Witten (81-952-4)
118.4 Antonio Gates (60-704-8)
101.6 Visanthe Shiancoe (42-596-7)
98.2 Owen Daniels (70-862-2)
92.7 John Carlson (55-627-5)
90.9 Chris Cooley (83-849-1)
87.4 Anthony Fasano (34-454-7)
87.4 Greg Olsen (54-574-5)
83.8 Zach Miller (56-778-1)
82.4 Tony Scheffler (40-644-3)
74.4 Kevin Boss (33-384-6)
71.5 Dustin Keller (48-535-3)
69.4 Heath Miller (48-514-3)
68.1 Bo Scaife (58-561-2)
63.9 Billy Miller (45-579-1)
63.0 David Martin (31-450-3)
62.9 Daniel Graham (32-389-4)
60.9 Marcedes Lewis (41-489-2)
60.8 Kellen Winslow (43-428-3)
60.3 Donald Lee (39-303-5)
58.3 Todd Heap (35-403-3)
52.3 Martellus Bennett (20-283-4)
51.7 Jerramy Stevens (36-397-2)
48.9 Vernon Davis (31-369-2)
48.3 Jeremy Shockey (50-483-0)
47.8 L.J. Smith (37-298-3)
43.0 Alex Smith (21-250-3)
42.7 Desmond Clark (41-367-1)
41.1 Robert Royal (33-351-1)
32.9 Benjamin Watson (22-209-2)
31.7 Alge Crumpler (24-257-1)
25.5 Jeff King (21-195-1)
19.4 Chris Baker (21-194-0)
13.9 Randy McMichael (11-139-0)
13.6 Matt Spaeth (17-136-0)
12.3 Ben Utecht (16-123-0)
7.7 Leonard Pope (9-77-0)
2.9 Will Heller (4-29-0)
2.6 Ben Hartsock (3-26-0)
.0 Eric Johnson (0-0-0)

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