Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brett Favre named as Madden 2009 cover person. This is the first time Madden NFL video game has a retired player on the cover.

Does Madden know something everyone else does not? I.e Brett Favre RETURNS?

Or could they not find any great player to adorn the cover due to the infamous Madden Curse? In which the player is cursed by a sub par season or injury or both after appearing on the cover of Madden NFL.

History of Madden Curse

2000 Dorsey Levens-released by GB
2001 Eddie George-toe injury
2002 D Culpepper-missed 5 games
2003 M Faulk -ankle injury
2004 M Vick-missed 11 games
2005 R Lewis-No INTs
2006 D Mcnabb-injured most of season but played
2007 S Alexander-missed 6 games
2008 V Young-TDs dropped, INT increased to 17

Enjoy the NFL draft today at 3 PM EST

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