Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NFL Schedule to be released Tuesday 15 April at 2 PM

Anyone else find it weird that the NFL is releasing their 2008 Schedule on April 15th (tax day)?

Tune in to NFL Network at 2 PM for the "release" show. Sponsored by GMC I think.

Let the Strength of Schedule (SOS) debates begin.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Do I find it weird? That's such an open-ended question. I am sure there is not enough space here to answer that question.

But on to bigger questions: How old does a person have to be before they can graduate from Cheap Poetry 101?

Answer: If you graduate from Cheap Poetry 101, you are officially dead.

Long Live CP101!!!

And for all you football people, disregard the rantings of probably the only FEMALE ever to lurk in this kingdom.

Sam Hendricks said...

Chesapeake Woman
Once a person enters Cheap Poetry they can never leave (graduate). Kind of like the Hotel California.

I still am eagerly waiting for your fball rankings/
Any Mathews Couty players in the NFL?