Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fantasy Football Guidebook on sale!

Barnes and Noble have both copies (hardback and paperback) on sale and Barnes and Noble ( included Fantasy Football Guidebook in their "Buy 2 get one free" promotion. This incredible Bargain Book Sale for those shoppers who like to save some serious money lasts through 18 April. Buy any two books in this promotion and get Fantasy Football Guidebook for free! Or purchase Fantasy Football Guidebook as one of your two books and get another book for free!

Hardback is $21.56 for members (versus $26.95) and the paperback is just $17.95 (versus regular price of $19.95)

This "Buy 2 get one free" offer is a special sale and you will enjoy huge savings on thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles including Fantasy Football Guidebook.

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