Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ask the Expert Question (from Fantasy Index Magazine):Would you prefer an 18-game schedule with 2 preseason games, or the current 16-4 split?

Fantasy Football Index Magazine "Ask the Expert" Question for the Week: Would you prefer an 18-game schedule with 2 preseason games, or the current 16-4 split?

Let’s be clear up front. This is all about greed. A longer regular season means more money for everyone. And from a fantasy football perspective I am just as greedy as the next person. I want 2 more real games. Sure it leads to more injuries which mean the best team may be the healthiest team not necessarily the best team. This could also lead to more players taking the last few games off. Some will say what about the records? 2,000 yards rushing -- no problem. 5,000 yards passing -- broken. But we said the same thing with the change from 14 to 16 games (in 1977) and the NFL changes rules so often the “halo” of the records is a little brittle anyway. A better question is what will the 18-game seasons mean to FF? More 16-team leagues with 15-game regular seasons or 14-team leagues with 13-game regular seasons and an increase to the semifinal and Super Bowl from 1 to 2 games each. Labor Day as the kickoff weekend; call me greedy and Vegas here I come.

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