Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Draft analysis from local League drafted Saturday 31 July

I drafted in my local league this Saturday. It is a minimal Keeper League where you can keep two players from the previous year if you held them the entire year and then only if you pay a 4 round “keeper” penalty. Only players drafted in the 9th round or later are eligible for Keeper status. Once a player is kept he can be kept until the 1st round but then the following year cannot be kept.

So essentially it is a small keeper league where having the foresight to draft potentially great players pays off in the long run. I drafted Chris Johnson in the 15th round in 2008 and LeSean McCoy in the 15th round last year, so I am keeping them and give up a 7th (11th in 2009) and 11th round pick to do so.

It is a PPR league with fairly standard scoring (4 pts PTD, 6 pts Ru/Rec TD, 1 pt per 10 Ru/Rec Yards/20 Pa Yds, 1 PPR). The starters are 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, 1 DEF/ST and 1 Flex (Either RB/WR/TE). It is a 14 team league.

However, in order to keep the draft easier for new owners we have mandatory roster requirements for the main draft (2 QB/3RB/3WR/2TE/2K/2DEF/ST) and then have a supplemental draft where any owner can get 4 additional players at any position. So the Main Draft is 14 rounds and you have to have 2 QB/3RB/3WR/2TE/2K/ and 2 DEF/ST at the end.

Here is my team and some thoughts:

Slams Slammers
Round (Pick) Player Position

1. (9) Andre Johnson WR -Best WR in the league
2. (20) Marques Colston WR -Best WR left in the 2nd round
3. (37) Knowshon Moreno RB -Already had 2 great keeper RBs this would be my flex and 3rd.
4. (48) Vernon Davis TE -Like him as a Top 5 TE after last years breakout.
5. (65) Brett Favre QB -kind of wishing I had not gone with my heart here, Kolb looks better
6. (76) Eli Manning QB -Reality check I just drafted a 40 year old in round 5. RECOVER
7. (93) Chris Johnson RB -keeper from 2008
8. (104) New York DEF -Kickers suck so get the best DEF, hint waiting on WR3 til last round because most other teams have their maximum 3 WRs at this stage. The longer I wait the better keeper he could be in 2011.
9. (121) John Carlson TE -I like him as the last of my top 14 TEs.
10. (132) Baltimore DEF -2nd best DEFENSE. I have cornered the DEF market-not too many times you can say that. Only because it is a max limit on positions.
11. (149) LeSean McCoy RB -keeper from 2009
12. (160) Steve Hauschka K -Is this guy really gonna start for the Falcons?
13. (177) Graham Gano K -RECOVER from my 12th rounder may not be a starter.
14. (188) Dez Bryant WR -Setting my team up for a great keeper pick in 2011 (if so he will be a 10th round keeper)
15. (205) Carnell Williams RB -Could easily be the starter at TB. 14 x 3=42 other RBS off board by now. I wanted CJ Spiller who went a spot earlier. RATS
16. (216) Michael Bush RB -Another potential starter
17. (233) Jabar Gaffney WR -I could not believe he was not taken earlier
18. (244) Anthony Gonzalez WR -High risk/high reward. Just like I like my sleeper WRs.

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