Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fantasy Football thoughts from preseason week 1

Ben Tate appears out for the season
Arian Foster is the #1 RB at Hou now (see above). Steve Slatons fumble in the end zone seals his fate in my mind.

Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning seem like top QBs. Drew Brees has a Super Bowl hangover.
Philip Rivers will not be as bad as everyone thinks without Vincent Jackson. He has other WR options.

Ryan Grant suffered a concussion and will not play the rest of the preseason-worrying, as I liked Grant this year. Brandon Jackson is a must HC to Grant.

Speakng of Handcuffs if you draft Kolb you must get Michael Vick as your QB3. He could be just as good if he gets the chance to start.

Fred Jackson RB BUF is out for 4-6 weeks. Jackson is 29 yrs old and Marshawn Lynch is 24. Lynch is a sneaky deep sleeper.

Mike Sims Walker is inury prone and does terrible on the road
Andre Johnson HOU WR looks great
I am downgrading Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston as I think Matt Leinart is going to get them killed this year. By the way Breaston will not return punts now that he is AZ WR2.

NE DEF takes a hit with loss of DE T. Warren

Derrick Ward TB RB-sleeper

Get J Edelman WR NE as late sleeper just in case Wes Welker has a relapse. Consider it insurance.

I am not buying the Thomas Jones or Tim Hightower is the starter hype.

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