Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite sports bar/draft location

I know I have pimped them here before (and in all three books) but I really do like Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants as a great place to watch sports and football or have your fantasy football draft. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of great sports bars out there. I just happen to live (ok visit family) in Lynchburg Virginia and I always make it a point to visit our local BWW. The waitresses are cute as heck, the TV screens are huge and... they have those trivia games you play by remote control and I kick my sisters rear every time we play-which is fun!

Seriously though every year BWW sponsors FF leagues with a $100 "signing bonus" in the form of free food. How great is that!

Check out your local BWW. I love their boneless wings and Thursday nights they have specials on boneless wings so Thurs Sep 12 I will be there watching my vikes beat NO behind the QB skills of none other than Brett Favre.

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