Sunday, December 14, 2014

60% Off At Amazon on Military Thriller "Just One More…"

I do not know how long it will last but the military thriller 
Just One More… is currently $3.99 at versus the retail price of $9.95.

That is 60% off right now.

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Just One More... $9.95

Just One More… 

Read below for more details and to see the back cover.

On a fateful night in Afghanistan, a flawed NATO airstrike sets into motion a chain of events that reaches across the world, from Vancouver to Copenhagen to London. How far will one person go for revenge?

In the sleepy English countryside, an F15E Strike Eagle team gears up for a live weapons mission. Can lead pilot "Rider" keep his head in the game and overcome the demons of his past? Hundreds of lives will depend on the answer as a deadly Al Qaeda terrorist cell, and maverick CIA and MI6 agents descend on US soil in a jaw-dropping climax where anything goes.

Just One More... $9.95

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